Friday, December 6, 2013

Clude Moody - Country Waltz King

 Here is what I believe is the last record made by the great Clyde Moody. Clyde Moody was best known for singing waltzes. This is a pretty good record, but I liked his earlier stuff much better. This just has a too "modern" style of sound for my taste. At any rate, if you like him at all you should download this one. Also, I have posted some Clyde Moody stuff before, so if you like him just search the Archive for more.

Click here to download Clyde Moody - Country Waltz King


  1. Hmmm. I personally love seeing the later albums of old-timers; the quality isn't always up to snuff, but the rarity of the album and the general obscurity of said artist really does make up for any shortcomings. I'm all for completeness in my collecting of old-time or vintage music - it's like building an aural history.

    1. The Moody`s Blues LP is one of my favorite records