Sunday, September 22, 2013

Del Wood - Down Yonder

 How about some good, rousing piano pickin` this morning. Can`t hardly beat Del Wood for country-ragtime piano. Enjoy!

Click here to download Del Wood - Down Yonder

Sam & Annie with Lonnie Glosson

 Here is an oddity that I found. It`s a 45 recorded by Sam & Annie, which I have no idea who is. I bought it because the late, great harmonica player, Lonnie Glosson, is on it. Apparantly from the story on the record sleeve, they played at Jimmy Carter`s arrival in Washington, D.C. after he won election. Years ago it was common for candidates to employ hillbilly entertainment on the campaign trail, mostly in the south. I`d say this would have been about the last of this type entertainment at a political function on this level by a lesser-known type country artist. Nowadays, only a super-star would be hired for such an event. I actually have played at a political rally myself, on the county level for a distant cousin of mine.
At any rate, give this a listen for at least the harmonica by Lonnie Glosson.
Track titles are---
1. Honey-Dew Love
2. Jimmy Carter Special

Click here to download Sam & Annie with Lonnie Glosson - Jimmy Carter Special

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Interview With Roy Acuff

Well, what can I say about this LP that the label doesn`t tell us? Not a single thing! So if you are a Roy Acuff fan, download this and give it a listen.

Click here to download An Interview With Roy Acuff

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Phipps Family - Greatest Old Time Gospel Hymns

 Well, it`s Sunday, so how about a little gospel music this week? If you like this post, be sure to check out the older Phipps Family records in the Archive.

Click here to download The Phipps Family - Greatest Old Time Gospel Hymns

A Visit With Minnie Pearl

Here`s something sort of rare. I believe this must have been a premium for buying Diamond Crystal salt. As in... "Send in x amount of box tops from our product and receive a prize." I couldn`t find any information at all about this, so download and enjoy!

Track list---
1. Comedy skit
2. Pretty Little Pink
3. Comedy skit
4. Lulu Walls

Click here to download A Visit With Minnie Pearl

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Bill Ring Show - #5&6

Here is the next Bill Ring Show transcription disc I have. Folks seem to like these, so here you go!

Track list---
Show #5
1. That`s The Kind Of Love I`m Looking For - Bill Ring
2. When The Bloom Is On The Sage - Speedy Haworth
3. The Lilly Of Hillbilly Valley - Slim Wilson & The Tall Timber Trio
4. Teardrops - Bill Ring
5. Steelin` The Blues - Doc Martin
6. The Gloryland March - Slim Wilson & The Tall Timber Tio

Show #6
1. Write My Baby A Letter - Bill Ring
2. Close Shave - Doc Martin
3. The Right Way And The Wrong Way - Sally Briggs
4. Twighlight Time In Texas - Bill Ring
5. A Full Time Job - Speedy Haworth
6. The Gods Were Angry With Me For Loving You - Bill Ring

Click here to download the Bill Ring Show - #5&6

An Introduction To Your Autoharp

 Here`s sort of an unusual 45 I dug out of the archive for you. This will be something that will likely be boring to listen to if you aren`t into autoharp. Mother Maybelle Carter is on it, though only on the first cut. As this cover says Sears on it, I`d guess this record may have came with an autoharp, which you could certainly have ordered from Sears in the 1960`s, which I`d guess is when this was made. Happy downloading!

Click here to download An Introduction To Your Autoharp

Elmer Bird - The Banjo Man From Turkey Creek

 It`s been a while since I posted some good old-time banjo. This is some very hard driving, rhythmic style claw hammer picking. He played what I tend to call the Tennessee style claw hammer banjo, which is more rhythmic than the North Carolina style, which tries to match the same notes as the fiddle, note for note. Mr. Bird had a VERY hard driving style. Listen and enjoy!

Click here to download Elmer Bird - The Banjo Man From Turkey Creek