Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Visit With Tex Ritter & Roy Acuff

As many of you know, I`m a Roy Acuff fan. So when I saw this on ebay, I grabbed it. This disc is a typical 7 inch 45. It is a conversation between Roy Acuff (who was on the CMA board at the time) and Tex Ritter, who was president of the CMA. It`s just sort of a promotional disc, telling of the good things the CMA was working on and what they stand for. The CMA sounds like sort of a musicians union by what Roy and Tex talk about on the disc. If you listen to it, you will see what the CMA was originally trying to do for the industry.
Listen & enjoy!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

J.E. Mainer on the Rural Rhythm label, Vols. 17 & 18

Track list for Vol. 17---
1. Two Happy Hearts (sounds like 1950-60`s county)
2. Old Man Below (no idea of the origin of this song)
3. Rebuilding Bridges (another 1950-60`s-ish sounding tune)
4. Hoop It Up Liza (one of the many Liza Jane tunes)
5. Uncle Eph (from the catalog of Grandpa Jones)
6. Down At The Cider Mill (an old Skillet Licker tune)
7. Roll On Buddy (an old Tennessee tune, often performed by Sam & Kirk McGee on the Grand Ole Opry, also often performed by Bashful Brother Oswald)
8. I`ll Hate Myself Tomorrow (another 1950`s sounding number)
9. High Ball Gal Of Mine (usually titled That High Born Gal Of Mine, an old coon song often performed by Sam & Kirk McGee, also an Uncle Dave Macon & Bashful Brother Oswald tune)
10. Kansas City (a fairly common 1940-50`s blues number)
11. Tabby Let Your Hair Hang Down (likely taken from Bascom Lamar Lunsford as his tune Tempe Let Your Hair Hang Down)
12. Bring Me A Leaf From The Sea (possibly from the Carolina Tar Heels 78)
13. Cain`t Get You Off My Mind (yet another 1950`s sounding country tune)
14.Nobody`s Business (a common old time number)
15. Tax On A Hole In The Ground (J.E. announces he wrote this number)
16. Sold Down The River (still another 1950`s sounding tune)
17. Shout Lula (a very common old time banjo tune, possibly best known now as a tune Ralph Stanley plays clawhammer style)
18. If You Should See Your Sister (an old tear jerker from the early 1900`s)

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Track List For Vol. 18---
1. Keep On The Sunny Side (the old Carter Family song)
2. Where We`ll Never Grow Old (the old gospel standard)
3. Heavenly Airplane (no idea where this tune comes from, likely a 1930`s tune)
4. These Bones Gonna Rise (I think this is an old black spiritual tune)
5. Those Lonely Tombs (a tune originally recorded in the 1930`s by the Mainer`s)
6. Give Me That Old Time Religion (the old gospel standard we all used to learn as a child)
7. Where You Gonna Hide (I believe this is an old southern gospel number)
8. Job`s Coffin (no idea where this one comes from, sounds like it could have black spiritual roots)
9. An Unfriendly World (no idea where this one comes from)
10. Keep Inching Along (another one that sounds sort of like a black spiritual tune)
11. Coal Miner`s Grave (not really a gospel number, but an old coal miner lament type tune)
12. River Jordan (an old tune, I believe the Carter Family tune)
13. He`s Coming To Us Dead (the old Grayson & Whitter tune, again, not a gospel number)
14. Gambling On The Sabbath Day (I believe this may come from the old George Reneau 78)
15. Tell It On The Mountain (this possibly has black spiritual roots)
16. Wasn`t That A Mighty Storm (this also sounds like it may have black spiritual roots)
17. Log Cabin In The Lane (not a gospel tune, likely from the old Fiddlin` John Carson 78, the first country 78 issued with vocal on it)
18. The Gospel Way (possibly a southern gospel tune)

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