Saturday, March 26, 2011

J.E. Mainer - Vol. 9 & 10

Here is the next installment of the J.E. Mainer series. As can be heard, the farther along we get in the volumes, the more "bluegrassy" they sound, as more and more the band features Morris Herbert in sort of a lead role, almost replacing J.E. We are getting close to when J.E. passed away, maybe he was having some health problems and couldn`t come up with as many tunes to record, although he doesn`t sound like he is losing any of his musicianship as time goes on through the series.

Track List For Vol.9---
1. Rim Street Breakdown (not a familiar tune to me)
2. Silver Haired Daddy (first made popular by Gene Autry, before he was a cowboy)
3. Hang It In The Henhouse (a totally unfamiliar tune to me)
4. Six Months Ain`t Long (maybe from the Emry Arthur or the Rutherford & Foster 78)
5. Night Time In Nevada (no idea where this may have came from)
6. The Old Wooden Rocker (unfamiliar tune to me)
7. When The Roses Bloom Again (possibly from the Ernest Stoneman 78)
8. Tired Of The Same Thing (another unknown to me)
9. My Wife`s In Europe (likely from the Fiddlin` John Carson 78, called I`m Glad My Wife`s In Europe, concerning the ban on ocean travel during World War One)
10. I Found You Out (another unfamiliar tune to me)
11. Bread & Gravy (likely a depression era composition)
12. Coal Miner`s Grave (don`t know this one either)
13. Sally Goodin (the old fiddle tune)
14. Down In Arkansas (maybe from the old Sid Harkreader 78)
15. Hold Onto The Sleigh (likely from the Uncle Dave Macon 78)
16. Ghost Train (Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper recorded this, could be J.E.`s source for the tune)
17. Good Old Summertime (an old pop song, maybe from the Uncle Dave Macon parody of the tune)
18. Bachelor Blues (unknown tune to me)
19. Storms In The Ocean (likely from the Carter Family)
20. Lavender Cowboy (likely from the Vernon Dalhart 78, one of his last recordings)

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Track list for Vol.10 - The Good Old Rebel---

1.The Rising Sun Blues (the common old song by this title, I believe first recorded in the mid 30`s by Roy Acuff)
2. I`m A Good Old Rebel (a unique set of words here to a common old tune, source unknown)
3. Somebody`s Waiting For You (sounds like this may be inspired by the Sam & Kirk McGee 78)
4. Pallet On The Floor (a common old tune, likely originating from an old blues tune)
5. Farmer Who Wouldn`t Hoe Corn (I know this was recorded in the 78 era, but I can`t remember by who)
6. Highway Man (likely from the old Charlie Poole 78)
7. Then I`ll Come Back To You (another old Charlie Poole number)
8. Don`t Whip Your Wife On Sunday (likely from an old Fiddlin` John Carson 78)
9. Black Jack David (the old English ballad)
10. Hold Onto The Plow (a common old tune with unique words with a slight gospel message)
11. Cherry Tree Caroll (an unknown song to me)
12. Al Smith For President (likely from the Uncle Dave Macon 78)
13. Dry & Dusty (a good fiddle tune, not an uncommon one)
14. Trade It For A Boy (I believe this was an old pop tune)
15. Way Down In Georgia (I don`t know this tune)
16. I Never Will Marry (I`m sure from the old Carter Family 78)
17. Knoxville Girl (a very common old English ballad, first recorded by Arthur Tanner I believe)
18. Old Man Came A`Courting (the old Uncle Eck Dunford 78 of Old Shoes & Leggins)
19. Farmer & The Devil (can`t recall where I`ve heard this, it`s a familiar one though)
20. Down Yonder (originally an old pop tune with words, adopted by old-time fiddlers, recorded many times in the 20`s)
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Sorry if you have had trouble downloading the Lonnie Glosson LP. The file service I use has changed the way they do things and I got the link to work, then it wouldn`t. Now I think I have it fixed ok.

Lonnie Glosson - All Harmonica - Volume One

Here is an LP for a good blog friend of mine. I can`t really tell you any history of Mr. Glosson, other than what`s on the back of the LP cover. The only other thing is I believe I`ve heard that he lived up into his 90`s and still performed some up until nearly the time of his death.
I see this LP is called Volume One. As far as I know, there has never been a Volume Two. At least I`ve never saw a Volume Two.

Click here to download Lonnie Glosson - All Harmonica-Volume One

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

J.E. Mainer - Vol. 7&8

Here are the next two volumes in the J.E. Mainer series on the Rural Rhythm label.

Track list for Vol.7---

1. Cook`In In The Kitchen (no idea where this may have came from)
2. Stern Old Bachelor (from the old Carter Family 78)
3. Last Night When Willie Came Home (an old Uncle Dave Macon tune)
4. Carve That Possum Children (another Uncle Dave number)
5. Ain`t No Bugs On Me (likely from the Fiddlin` John Carson 78)
6. Baldheaded End Of The Broom (likely from the Walter Smith or George Reneau 78)
7. Rabbit In The Log (an old Monroe Brothers tune, but this isn`t similar to that version)
8. Everybody Works But Father (maybe from the Riley Puckett or Fiddlin` John Carson 78)
9. Tell `Em Lies And Feed `Em Candy (an old Porter Wagoner tune!)
10. Walking In My Sleep (I believe Fiddlin` Arthur Smith was likely the source for this)
11. Loving Henry Lee (not sure about this tune, it`s familiar but I don`t know where I`ve heard it)
12. Pat The Cross Eyed Butcher (a version of an Uncle Dave Macon number)
13. I`ve Still Got "99" (similar to the Riley Puckett 78 I`ll Never Get Drunk Anymore)
14. Good Old Bowling Green (maybe from Cousin Emmy)
15. Katie Dear (maybe from the Blue Sky Boys 78)
16. Old Dan Tucker (a common tune from a way long time ago)
17. Eat`In Up The Gravy (maybe from the Weems 78 of Davy)
18. George Collins (may be from the Roy Harvey 78)
19. Who Broke The Lock On The Hen House Door (could be from the Riley Puckett 78)
20. Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe? (no idea about this one, not similar to other tunes I`ve heard by this title)
21. The Gospel Way (don`t know this tune)
Click here to download J.E. Mainer - Whittlin` Fiddlin` And... - Vol.7

Track list for Vol.8---

1. Fallen Leaf (an unfamiliar tune about an Indian maiden)
2. Cacklin` Hen (very common fiddle tune, popular partly due to the fiddle "imitating" a cacklin` hen)
3. Mary Of The Wild Moor (likely from the Blue Sky Boys)
4. Let`s Go To Town (usually titled Goin` Down Town by Dr. Humphry Bate`s Possum Hunters or Lynchburg Town)
5. Picking Up Corn (don`t know this number)
6. Young Rodger The Miller (an ancient tune of English origin)
7. Your Bound To Look Like A Monkey (likely from the old Roy Harvey 78)
8. If You Should See Your Sister (not familiar to me)
9. Old Pine Tree (I believe this was originally an old pop tune)
10. Wild Cat Woman (an old Cliff Carlisle tune)
11. Bring Me A Leaf From The Sea (could be from the old Carolina Tar Heels 78)
12. Gambling On The Sabbath Day (maybe from the old George Reneau 78)
13. Alabama Gal (common old tune usually called Buffalo Gals now)
14. Short Life Of Trouble (the old Grayson & Whitter tune)
15. Swanee No Tunnel (likely from Buell Kazee`s Swannanoa Tunnel tune)
16. Big Ball In Town (an old Skillet Licker number)
17. Big Eyed Rabbit (common old banjo tune first recorded by Samantha Bumgarner)
18. Old And In The Way (likely from the Fiddlin` John Carson 78)
19. Over The Waves (the common waltz number)
20. Shadow Of The Pines (maybe from the old Kelly Harrell 78)

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tennessee Ernie Ford - When Pea-Pickers Get Together

Well here`s something a little different. A 7 inch "LP". This was issued in 1963 I believe. I`m not going to go into any history on Tennessee Ernie Ford. There should be plenty of information on the web about him. After hearing this, I wonder of "Ol` Ern" may have been the original voice for the Jolly Green Giant.
The rear of the sleeve lists 4 tracks, there are actually an extra at the end that does not have Tennessee Ernie on it. Too bad the back of my sleeve has that tear on it. Enjoy!

Click here to download Tennessee Ernie Ford - When Pea-Pickers Get Together

Thursday, March 10, 2011

J.E. Mainer - Volumes 5&6

Here are the next two LP`s in this J.E. Mainer series.

Track list for Vol.5---

1. Man In The Wood Pile (likely from the Skillet Lickers record of Nigger In The Wood Pile, the tune is known as an instrumental by the titles Stoney Point & Wild Horses among a few others))
2. I Tickled Nancy (the old Uncle Dave Macon song)
3. Give Me Back My Five Dollars (another Uncle Dave Macon number)
4. Quit Kicking My Dog Around (another Skillet Licker tune)
5. Rise When The Rooster Crows (may have came from the Binkley Brothers record, they were an early outfit on the Grand Ole Opry)
6. Alimony (no idea where this comes from, sounds like something that may have been a novelty number from the 40`s or so)
7. I`m A Child To Fight (yet another Uncle Dave Macon tune)
8. My Gal Rides In A Wheelbarrow (a version of Uncle Dave Macon`s parody 78 of Listen To The Mocking Bird)
9. Great Big House (a version of The Old Grey Mare, sort of similar to the Skillet Licker`s record)
10. Down In Rockingham (a slower version of Earl Johnson`s 78)
11. Old Molly Hare (seems similar to the Skillet Lickers record)
12. My Daughter Wants To Marry (likely from the Uncle Dave Macon 78)
13. Farm Relief (another tune from the Uncle Dave Macon catalog)
14. Sugar Babe (not familiar to me, same tune as Fiddlin` John Carson`s It`s A Shame To Whip Your Wife On Sunday)
15. I Got Mine (likely from Fiddlin` John Carson or maybe the Skillet Licker`s 78)
16. When A Man Falls In Love (taken from Uncle Dave Macon`s Kissin` On The Sly)
17. I Don`t Reckon It`ll Happen Again (joke is likely from the old Charley Chase comedy record of about 1905-ish, song sounds similar to the Binkley Brothers 78 to me, but was a common tune of the 20`s)
18. Jordan Am A Hard Road To Travel - (maybe from the Riley Puckett 78)
19. Tell Me How Long (a version of Hesitation Blues, done by Charlie Poole as If The River Was Whiskey - Hesitation Blues was a very common tune to old-time music and blues pickers)
20. Hard Times On The Farm (from Gid Tanner`s 78 of Down On Tanner`s Farm)

Click here to down load J.E. Mainer - Vol.5

Track list for Vol.6---

1. Fill Me Up A Bottle (there is a 78 from the 20`s with this number on it, but I can`t seem to find who`s it was or the correct title they used)
2. All The Way Around My Susan (no idea where this comes from, I never heard it anywhere else)
3. Cotton Mill Colic (likely from the Dave McCarn 78)
4. Death Of Floyd Collins (a HUGE hit of a real event, written by Blind Andy Jenkins and recorded By Vernon Dalhart to great success)
5. Same Old Man At The Mill (I`ve heard this by The New Lost City Ramblers, no idea where J.E. may have got it)
6. My Baby`s Got Money All The Time (likely taken from Charlie Poole`s 78 of If I Lose, Let Me Lose)
7. Going To Georgia (probably from the Skillet Lickers 78)
8. Sinking Of The Titanic (written & recorded by Ernest "Pop" Stoneman, Vernon Dalhart also had a huge hit with it, a very popular song about 1925)
9. Keep Peace With Uncle Sam (there is a Charlie Oaks 78 titled The Kaiser & Uncle Sam, but I`ve never heard it, so I don`t know if they are related tunes)
10. Monkey On A Dog Cart (I`ve heard a similar tune, but can`t recall the title)
11. Do Around My Lindy (from an old Fiddlin` John Carson 78)
12. Good-Bye Booze (likely inspired by the Charle Poole 78, or possibly he may have had the Gid Tanner & Fate Norris 78, it was the same song but a much more comical version)
13. Baptized Sister Lucy Lee ( a great Lew Childre tune)
14. Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight (an old pop tune from the teens, likely J.E. got it from the Skillet Lickers 78)
15. Riley, The Furniture Man (likely from the old Cofer Brothers 78)
16. Where Were You When The Train Left Town (might be from the old Frank Hutchison 78)
17. Georgia Railroad (likely from the Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett 78, Fiddlin` John Carson done it as Peter Went A` Fishin`, surely a very old Georgia tune)
18. Knocking On The Hen House Door (surely from the old Dock Walsh 78)
19. Birminghan Will Win The Prize (this seems to be sort of a unique number to J.E., seems related to Darby & Tarlton`s 78 of Birmingham Town)
20. Going West In The Fall (not sure where this may have came from)

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