Sunday, March 24, 2013

Clyde Moody - A Country Tribute To Fred Rose

 Here`s a good LP featuring the great Clyde Moody. Of all the Roy Acuff stuff I`ve posted already, I picked this LP to post, not really realizing that the material here is Roy Acuff related music, as Fred Rose was Roy Acuff`s business partner in Acuff-Rose music publishing. Fred Rose also wrote many songs for Roy Acuff, and I think Roy had recorded all the tunes on this LP but two at one time or another.
Now don`t dismiss this LP as a Roy Acuff knock off, because it`s not. Clyde Moody had a style all his own. His nick-name was "The Country Waltz King" as he recorded many songs that were waltzes. He also was one of Bill Monroe`s Blue Grass Boys in the 1940`s. Clyde`s style is a mix of blues, country blues, bluegrass & 1940`s traditional country. He had a great voice and was also a fine guitarist in the old country-blues finger-picking style. I have other Clyde Moody material posted on the blog here, so get it all and give it a listen!

Click here to download Clyde Moody - A Country Tribute To Fred Rose

Roy Acuff - Voices Of Vista

We have something different here. A recruiting LP for volunteers from about 1968. I have no idea what Vista is (or was). This is an interview with Roy Acuff with music, which is taken from records, not live music. They talk some about the history of the Grand Ole Opry, Roy`s history with the Opry and country music, about Roy`s partnership with Fred Rose. Happy listening!

Click here to download Roy Acuff - Voices Of Vista

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Charlie Louvin & Roy Acuff

Here`s a Roy Acuff item I`d totally forgotten about till I was digging out the 45`s for the last post. Here we have Charlie Louvin doing a tune called Buried Alive on one side, then Carlie Louvin with Roy Acuff on the other side singing a song Roy wrote called Precious Jewel, wich was one of Roy`s biggest hits. This may very well have been the last commercial recording issued of Roy Acuff.

Click here to download Charlie Louvin & Roy Acuff 45

Roy Acuff - 3 tunes from 45`s

 Here is the three missing tunes mentioned in the last Roy Acuff post. In the last post, it was mentioned that Somebody Touched Me may be different than an earlier recording on Hickory, but it is the same I believe. Enjoy!

Click here to download Roy Acuff - 3 tunes from 45`s

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Robert Lunn - The Original Talking Bluews Man

 Here`s a Roy Acuff related item I had forgotten about. Here is Robert Lunn with The Smoky Mountain Boys. The LP title is The Original Talking Blues Man, which is sort or inaccurate. The original talking blues man (on records at least) would be Chris Bouchillion, who recorded for Columbia in the 1920`s. Now don`t get me wrong, this is still a great novelty type record. And we have a great cover to look at too. This a a pretty rare LP, so you best download it while you can! Enjoy!

 Click here to download Robert Lunn - The Original Talking Blues Man

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Roy Acuff Hickory material not on LP

Here is the last post of the Roy Acuff Hickory/Electra series. These are sides released on 45`s that was never issued on the LP`s. I think this will make all the Hickory material that was commercially released posted for download. If anyone finds a song missing, let me know and I`ll see if I can find it. Also, there could be a tune repeated that was on LP. I`ve tried to get everything, but I get confused pretty easily trying to go through all this stuff and keeping it straight!

I have just posted a few 45 label pictures to show the some of the different label styles they used.

Track list---
1. Till No Longer You Cared (For Me)
2. Time Will Make You Pay
3. Willie Roy, The Crippled Boy
4. Pan American
5. Six More Days
6. Don`t Tell Mama
7. The Midnight Train
8. The Nearest Thing To Heaven (Is You)
9. Don`t Be Angry
10. Each Season Changes You
11. Carry Me Back To The Mountains

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