Sunday, December 29, 2013

Clark Kessinger - Old-Time Music With Fiddle & Guitar

 Here`s some mighty fine old-time fiddlin`!  Clark Kessinger first recorded in the late 1920`s up into the mid 1930`s. I`d say he was arguably the best all around old-time fiddler recorded before World War 2. I know that`s saying a lot, but if you go back and listen to most 1920-1930`s old time fiddlers, I`d say you would likely agree that he was about the smoothest, most technically advanced fiddler of the era. And luckily for us, he was re-discovered in the 1960`s and got to record again. So give him a listen and enjoy!

Click here to download Clark Kessinger - Old-Time Music With Fiddle & Guitar

At The Fair With The Duke Of Paducah

 Here is one of those Starday complimation records. What this amounts to is the Duke Of Paducah with new material in the role of an old circus side show type barker with music tracks of Starday artists dubbed in. Some cuts work good with the banter, some not so well. At any rate, it`s still not a bad record. Happy listening!

Click here to download At The Fair With The Duke Of Paducah

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fiddlin Sid Harkreader Christmas tune

 Merry Christmas to all the friends of the Archive!
Here`s a mighty odd one! I`m not even gonna pretend to know any facts about this 45. I will say that I`d be about 100% sure this would be the last commercial recording of Fiddlin` Sid Harkreader for sure. Enjoy!

Click here to download Society label Christmas 45

Friday, December 6, 2013

Jam-Up And Honey Dot 45

 Here`s a pretty rare 45 by the old Grand Ole Opry comedy duo Jam-Up & Honey. Holding The Sack is a comedy/novelty tune, Twelfth Street Rad is of course the old ragtime number, an instrumental here picked on ukulele. A good pick-you-up tune on a snowy day!

Click here to download Jam-Up & Honey Dot 45-1114

Country And Western Jamboree

 Here`s a neat various artist comedy/novelty song LP. I`m not sure, but the Buckingham label looks like it could be related to the Starday label somehow. At least this LP is a Starday type product. Happy downloading!

Click here to download Country And Western Jamboree - Jumpshare

Joe "Fingers" Carr & His Ragtime Band

 Here`s a good 45 set if you are a ragtime music fan. What we have here is a typical ragtime style band led with some mighty good piano flogging by Joe "Fingers" Carr. It also has a mighty fine picture on the cover! Enjoy!

Click here to download Joe "Fingers" Carr & His Ragtime Band

Clude Moody - Country Waltz King

 Here is what I believe is the last record made by the great Clyde Moody. Clyde Moody was best known for singing waltzes. This is a pretty good record, but I liked his earlier stuff much better. This just has a too "modern" style of sound for my taste. At any rate, if you like him at all you should download this one. Also, I have posted some Clyde Moody stuff before, so if you like him just search the Archive for more.

Click here to download Clyde Moody - Country Waltz King