Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lonnie "Pap" Wilson - The Playboy Farmer

 Here for all you Acuff fans is another Roy Acuff linked item. Pap Wilson played rhythm guitar in the Smokey Mountain Boys from about 1938 up till around 1960. He played an old man character in the comedy all the Smokey Mountain Boys performed.
What we have here is a few old comedy songs along with some jokes. Apparantly after he quit being a Smokey Mountain Boy he tried to do solo performances some. I have no idea what ever became of him after this, he may have just totally retired from music. Happy downloading!

Click here to download Lonnie "Pap" Wilson - The Playboy Farmer


  1. This is just hilarious! Laffs & gags! Even if you're married! So classic...thanks!

  2. Do you know what happened to Pap Wilson? When did he die?

  3. Thanks for sharing and making digital! Lonnie's my great grandfather and we have the records, turned into CD's but now I can finally listen at my house this way.

  4. Anyone know what happened to Lonnie pap wilson