Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bill and Belle Reed - Columbia 15336-D

Bill and Bell Reed / Columbia 15336-D
You Shall Be Free / Old Lady And The Devil
recorded October 17, 1928 in Johnson City, Tennessee

Here is another "only disc recorded by an artist". Most people into old time music will have heard the Old Lady And The Devil side as it has been issued on a few cd`s and also was recorded by The New Lost City Ramblers. This tune is of course about a farmer that swapped his wife to the devil and she was so mean and hateful that the devil tried to return her, but the farmer wouldn`t have her back. I`ve wondered many times why the song on the other side of the disc had never been re-issued, as the title You Shall Be Free sounds like it might be a gospel tune. It turns out to be a version of the old Shout Mourner/Mona, You Shall Be Free song, but it`s a pretty derogatory "coon song" type tune. So, please be warned. If you are offended by this type of material, please don`t listen to it. I think it`s just another part of our music history to present here. Happy listening!

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Eddie Albert - The Eddie Albert Album

Here is the most "un-country" disc I`ve posted I think, but a friend of mine and I were talking about it while back so I`m posting it for him. Eddie Albert is of course best known as Mr. Douglas from the old Green Acres television show. And devoted fan of the show will remember Mr. Douglas playing a guitar a couple times on the show. I never had thought he actually may have been a musician till I found this LP. I hate to call this disc country as he kind of defies any musical category. If you went shopping for this record when it came out I`m sure it would have been filed in the country section, or possibly folk. I hear a mix of country, folk and sort of a soft rock in amongst the tracks. There are a couple of singalong type songs with tenor banjo, a long version of the Green Acres theme song and even a Beatles tune. Give it a listen!

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The Bill Ring Show - #51, 52, 53, 54, 55 & 56

Here is the next SIX Bill Ring Shows. Thought I`d post a few since it`s been a while since I`ve posted. Enjoy!

Track list for #51---
1. Can`t Win, Can`t Place, Can`t Show - Bill Ring
2. Columbus Stockade Blues - Doc Martin
3. I`m Gonna Have A Cowboy Wedding - Slim Wilson & The Tall Timber Trio
4. I`m In A Crowd But So Alone - Bill Ring
5. Yodelin` Guitar - Speedy Haworth
6. Who At My Door Is Standing - Bill Ring

Track list for # 52---
1. Giles County, Pulaski Post Office, In The State Of Tennessee - Bill Ring
2. Liberty - Speedy Haworth
3. This Won`t Be The First Time - Sally Briggs
4. I`m Throwing Rice At The Girl I Love - Bill Ring
5. Twin Guitar Special - Doc Martin & Speedy Haworth
6. I Ain`t Gonna Do Tomorrow What I Can`t Get Done Today - Bill Ring

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Track list for #53---
1. So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed - Bill Ring
2. guitar duet - Speedy Haworth & Doc Martin
3. Blues In My Heart - Bill Ring
4. Wyoming Cowboy`s Love Yodel - Slim Wilson & The Tall Timber Trio
5. Country Way - Speedy Haworth
6. Old Shep - Bill Ring

Track list for #54---
1. John Henry - Bill Ring
2. That`s The Kind Of Love I`m Looking For - Speedy Haworth
3. I`d Rather Die Young Than Grow Old Without You - Sally Briggs
4. Dangerous Ground - Bill Ring
5. steel guitar solo - Doc Martin
6. Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Bill Ring

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Track list for #55---
1. They All Go Native On A Saturday Night - Bill Ring
2. I Ain`t Got Nobody - Doc Martin
3. Sleepy Rio Grande - Slim Wilson & The Tall Timber Trio
4. Say Your Mine Again - Bill Ring
5. Bryant`s Boogie - Speedy Haworth
6. Sweet Adeline - Bill Ring

Track list for #56---
1. Crawdad Hole - Bill Ring
2. guitar solo - Speedy Haworth
3. Wheel Of Fortune - Sally Briggs
4. I Know It, But Does She - Bill Ring
5. The Panhandle Two-Step - Doc Martin
6. God`s Little Candles - Bill Ring

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