Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lonnie "Pap" Wilson - The Playboy Farmer

 Here for all you Acuff fans is another Roy Acuff linked item. Pap Wilson played rhythm guitar in the Smokey Mountain Boys from about 1938 up till around 1960. He played an old man character in the comedy all the Smokey Mountain Boys performed.
What we have here is a few old comedy songs along with some jokes. Apparantly after he quit being a Smokey Mountain Boy he tried to do solo performances some. I have no idea what ever became of him after this, he may have just totally retired from music. Happy downloading!

Click here to download Lonnie "Pap" Wilson - The Playboy Farmer

Byron Parker & His Mountaineers - Bluegrass Roots

 Bluegrass Roots---indeed this group had sort of an "in between" sound. Too bluegrassy for old time, too old time to call bluegrass. I`d call them pre-bluegrass. The playing style on the banjo here is probably what makes the style what it is. Snuffy Smith`s banjo playing was a three finger style very much approaching what Earl Scruggs came out with just a few short years later. Snuffy Smith could also play old time clawhammer style banjo, and sometimes played both ways in one tune. Snuffy Smith also used the type banjo that Earl Scruggs made standard issue for bluegrass banjo, the Gibson Mastertone. Enjoy!

Click here to download Byron Parker & His Mountaineers - Bluegrass Roots

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jumpshare files ok now!

So, I don`t know what happened a few days ago, I`d looked and they were all gone. Maybe the site was down for maintenance for a while. Anyhow---HAPPY DOWNLOADING!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jumpshare files gone??!!

Well, now what`s going on?? I looked for an easy to use file service, found it in Jumpshare, and now it`s gone. And I don`t just mean my files are gone, the whole Jumpshare web site seems to have disappeared.
So---give me a week or two to look around at file services and I`ll get this stuff re-loaded and hopefully some new stuff too. If anyone out there has any suggestions of file services for me to check out just give me a shout and let me know-----Allen