Sunday, August 31, 2014

Barnyard Steve - OKeh 45366

Barnyard Steve / OKeh 45366
Out On The Farm / Arkansas Bill Green
recorded June 26, 1929 in Dallas, Texas
Here`s an oddity for sure, certainly a novelty as the label description says. This is the only record this man made, I don`t even know what his real name was. This type of record was popular in the early recording industry from the 1890`s up till the early teens. I guess OKeh must have thought the market was ripe for one more disc of this type. Out On The Farm is a bunch of farm sound imitations. Arkansas Bill Green is a Jew`s harp tune. Happy downloading!

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Tales Of The Bayou by Cajun Pete

Here`s sort of an oddity. This is obviously a story telling record. The telling of tall tales is nearly a lost art now. We still have comedy albums, but story telling is altogether a category of its own. What we have here is a Cajun story teller in the fashion of Justin Wilson. I have no more information about Cajun Pete than what can be read on the back of this LP cover. Hope it tickles your funny bone!

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The Carter Family with Johnny Cash - Keep On The Sunny Side

Here`s a continuation of the Mother Maybelle Carter series I had been posting. I believe I have posted all the Mother Maybelle material I had, so now I will be posting some of here records with the Carter Sisters, etc. Hope you enjoy it!

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