Sunday, August 16, 2015

Akins Birmingham Boys - Columbia 15348-D

Akins Birmingham Boys - Columbia 15348-D
I Walked And Walked / There Ain`t No Flies On Auntie
recorded October 31, 1928 in Atlanta, Georgia
Here is another group that only recorded one disc. My copy of this is pretty rough, but it`s plenty listenable. I don`t know anything about this group. Both of the songs sound like they might be old comedy pop tunes of the Vaudeville type. Enjoy!

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Carson Robison - Life Gets Tee-Jus Don`t It

Here`s a pretty neat LP. Carson Robison was a country recording artist from the beginning of the recorded country music industry and was on hundreds, if not thousands of old 78`s. He started as sort of a studio artist playing guitar and singimg harmony for Vernon Dalhart, then he started recording solo and with other artists also. He also wrote many songs. His specialty in the 1920`s was disaster and topical songs.
I`m not sure, but I think the recordings on the LP were the last recordings he made, and most if not all of them were issued on 78`s and 45`s. I`m pretty sure all the material here is likely written by him. So we have some comedy songs, some cowboy material, some skit type tracks and some topical songs that borderline on propaganda. He wrote many anti-Hitler and anti-enemy songs during World War 2 and some anti-Communist items after the war, one of which can be heard here. Happy downloading!

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The Bill Ring Show - #29&30

Hey neighbors, here`s the next Bill Ring Show---Happy Listening!

Tracks for show #29---
1. Cuddle Buggin` Baby - Bill Ring
2. You Cheating Heart - Doc Martin
3. Don`t Rob Another Man`s Castle - Bill Ring
4. Columbus Stockade Blues - Slim Wilson & The Tall Timber Trio
5. Rub-A-Dub-Dub - Speedy Haworth
6. Steal Away - Bill Ring

Tracks for show #30---
1. You Gotta See Momma Every Night - Bill Ring
2. Bummin Around - Speedy Haworth
3. The Whisper Waltz - Sally Briggs
4. All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart - Bill Ring
5. Georgia Steel Guitar - Doc Martin
6. Baby We`re Really In Love - Bill Ring

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