Friday, December 6, 2013

Jam-Up And Honey Dot 45

 Here`s a pretty rare 45 by the old Grand Ole Opry comedy duo Jam-Up & Honey. Holding The Sack is a comedy/novelty tune, Twelfth Street Rad is of course the old ragtime number, an instrumental here picked on ukulele. A good pick-you-up tune on a snowy day!

Click here to download Jam-Up & Honey Dot 45-1114


  1. May I take this opportunity to wish you a very enjoyable Festive Season and I hope that you will enjoy good health and happiness in 2014.

    Thank you for bringing much pleasure to me during 2013 from your kindness in uploading such enjoyable music - much of which has extended my “musical education”.

    Happy Holidays,

    Boa Festes,

    Feliz Navidad,

    Bonne vacances,

    Frohe Festtage,

    Buone Feste,


    Douglas (UK)

  2. Thanks! And, stay tuned to the blog, no telling whats next!

  3. Sure sounds like Chet Atkins on the guitar break on Twelfth Street Rag but I couldn't confirm it using Google. It is 1952 and he did moonlight.