Monday, January 24, 2011

Fred Van Eps & Vess L. Ossman - Kings Of The Ragtime Banjo

If you like the old classic style banjo, this is a good record! I won`t go into any bio information on the men, there is plenty information about them on the web. The material is taken from old 78`s, maybe even some cylinders, but the sound quality is good.
Classic style banjo is a finger picking style using at time all 5 digits on the picking hand by some who play this style, so if you are thinking bluegrass or old time country styles of finger picked banjo sounds, you will be suprised by what you will hear. This style was applied almost exclusively to ragtime music. It`s almost shocking what they can play of music written mostly for piano. Ragtime is VERY notey music, so this is high quality picking... and these two men were certainly in the top five players of their time period. A few others that recorded this style that were some of the best that come to mind were Fred J. Bacon & A.A. Farland.
If you are unfamiliar with this style banjo playing, you should download this if you are a fan of banjo sounds. The style they played is not to be confused with tenor or plectrum banjo playing of later ragtime music and early jazz. ENJOY!

Click here to download Fred Van Eps & Vess L. Ossman - Kings Of The Ragtime Banjo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jerry Byrd - Nani Hawaii 45 set

Hello neighbors, we have had snow and it was 1 degree when I got up this morning. So, I thought a posting of Hawaiian music would be a good idea for today.
I posted another Jerry Byrd LP before, so if you want to read what I know about him, search for the other posting. This is a pretty cheap box set, there wasn`t even a track list on or in it. There are 3 45`s in this set, I think maybe it had 4 discs though. Of the 3 discs I have, there is a record number missing in the sequence, so that`s why I say that.

Track listing---
1. I Regret To Say Aloha
2. Maui Chimes
3. Little Lani Jo
4. Makalapua
5. Kaimana Hila
6. Hilo March

Click here to download Jerry Byrd - Nani Hawaii

Sunday, January 2, 2011