Saturday, May 8, 2010

Banjo Pickin` Girl - Vol.1 LP

Sorry it`s been a while since I`ve posted anything. Been busy lately working at night some long shifts and that don`t go so good with other activities!
Here`s a mighty good LP with some sort of unusual songs. The tunes range from hard core old-time to near pop.
Here is just a few facts from the shadows of my mind on a few of these artists---
Eva Davis & Samantha Bumgarner was the first female duet to record country music (for Columbia in 1924)
Roba Stanley was the first female solo artist to record a country tune (for OKeh)
Moonshine Kate was the daughter of Fiddlin` John Carson.
The Bowman Siters were the daughters of Charlie Bowman, a famous old-time fiddler from the 1920`s that played with The Hill Billies that recorded for Brunswick (they were the first group to use the word (s) hill billie (or hillbilly - however you want to spell it)
Rubye Blevins became the well known Patsy Montana.
Unfortunately I don`t have the book that came with the LP, nor do I have vol.2 of this. I don`t even know if vol.2 was ever even issued.

Click here to download Banjo Pickin` Girl - Vol.1