Monday, December 26, 2011

Link repaired for An Evening With Archie & Phil Campbell LP

I just realized that the link to download the An Evening With Archie & Phil Campbell was bad. I repaired the link in the LP post. You can also download it by clicking below----

Click here to download An Evening With Archie & Phil Campbell

Friday, December 23, 2011

Justin Wilson Christmas 45

Here`s a Christmas treat for you! The old Cajun comedy man and cook, Justin Wilson.
I remember and first became aquainted with him when I was a teenager on PBS tv with his Cajun cooking show. He was very funny on there. Then I just discovered 2 or 3 years ago that he had made several comedy LP`s. Then I recently found this 45 with "Cajun-ized" Christmas tunes on it. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Track list---
1. Randolph The Rouge Nosed Reindeer
2. Santa Claus Done Brought Himself To Town

Click here to download Justin Wilson Christmas 45

Sunday, December 18, 2011

J.E. Mainer on Rural Rhythm - Vols. 19&20

Well folks---It`s been a while since I posted much of anything. I`m gonna try to get a little more regular again.
Here is the last two volumes of J.E. Mainer put out on the Rural Rhythm label. I`m sorry, but these 2 LP`s aren`t in very good condition, they are crackly and have some skips.
I still have some other J.E. Mainer items to post on other labels. When I get done with J.E.`s stuff I likely will start posting material of his brother, Wade, Who recently passed away at 103 years old!

Track list for Volume 19---
1. Donkey On The Track (an old tune that I believe originated with Al Hopkins in the 20`s)
2. Possum Up A Gum Stump (a common old time fiddle tune)
3. McNickles Break Down (I believe this is pretty much the same tune as Grayson & Whitter`s Lee Highway Blues)
4. Round Town Gals (this tune seems to be a cross between Ragtime Annie and something else)
5. Get In There Rabbit (an ancient tune that was first recorded by the first woman to record a country record named Samantha Bumgarner about 1924)
7. Shoot The Turkey Buzzard (an old fiddle tune that I believe originated in east Tennessee)
8. Ride Old Buck To Water (an old Skillet Lickers number)
9. Flop Eared Mule (another common old fiddle tune)
10. Old Dan Tucker (this version uses sort of a different, unique tune that the same old words are sung to)
11. Jolly Blacksmith (another old fiddle number that I think originated from east Tennessee)
12. Mainer`s Blues (this tune is sort of a different version of Lee Highway Blues)
13. Seven And One Half (I have no idea where this tune comes from)
14. Cacklin` Hen (the common old fiddle tune)
15. Blue Ridge Break Down (this is another tune I`ve never heard anyone else play, sounds related to I Don`t Love Nobody)
16. Polly Put The Kettle On (a common old fiddle tune, sometimes Polly is called Molly)
17. Bucking Mule (another common fiddle tune where the fiddle sort of imitates a mule bray with the fiddle)
18. Rabbit In A Log (the common old words sang to a unique tune)
19. Chicken Reel (an ancient old fiddle tune)
20. Run Mountain (this seems to be a Mainer original tune)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer Vol. 19

Track list for Volume 20---
1. Diggin` Taters (an old fiddle tune from north Georgia called Liberty that had been recorded by about all of the north Georgia fiddlers, most people now call it Liberty, Off Of The Corn Licker Still, as the Skillet Lickers played it on one of their Corn Licker Still In Geoegia records)
2. Johnson Boys (an old number that I believe Al Hopkins may have rcorded first in the 1920`s)
3. Old And In The Way (an old tear-jerker first recorded by Fiddlin` John Carson)
4. Fill Me U A Bottle (I don`t know where this comes from, but there is a Skillet Licker tune very similar to the tune here)
5. Raise A Ruckus (an old tune that I believe originally came from pop music in the `teens or maybe even a little earlier)
6. Rim Street Brake Down (I believe this is a Mainer original)
7. Jimmy And Johnny (I don`t know anything about this one)
8. Granny Kickin` Up Her Heels (I don`t know anything about this one either)
9. Somebody Waiting For You (likely an old pop tune originally, Sam & Kirk McGee recorded it in the 1920`s)
10. Cripple Creek (one of the most common old numbers)
11.Dance Around Little Lou (this sounds related to Skip To My Lou)
12. Lost Indian (a fiddle tune that I believe was written by an early fiddler for Roy Acuff named Tommy Magness, who also adapted the tune Black Mountain Blues into the tune we now call Black Mountain Rag)
13. Johnny Get Your Gun (several early Georgia artists recorded this in the 1920`s, so I`d say it may originate from north Georgia)
14. Then I`ll Come Back To You (this was a pop tune that Charlie Poole recorded in the 1920`s)
15. Man In The Wood Pile (an old fiddle tune with several different names, such as Nigger In The Woodpile, Buck Creek Girls and a few more that I can`t recall at the moment)
16. Rock That Cradle Lucy (a tune that may have originated from the Skillet Lickers)
17. Jordan Am A Hard Road To Travel (an old minstrel show number that had been recorded pretty early in the country field by Riley Puckett)
18. Weary Miner Blues (I think this was an old honky tonk tune from the early 1940`s)
19. Johnson`s Old Grey Mule (an old tune that I believe was first recorded by Earl Johnson)
20. Jim Boy`s Break Down (this sounds a little related to the old Liberty tune mentioned above)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer Vol. 20

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Visit With Tex Ritter & Roy Acuff

As many of you know, I`m a Roy Acuff fan. So when I saw this on ebay, I grabbed it. This disc is a typical 7 inch 45. It is a conversation between Roy Acuff (who was on the CMA board at the time) and Tex Ritter, who was president of the CMA. It`s just sort of a promotional disc, telling of the good things the CMA was working on and what they stand for. The CMA sounds like sort of a musicians union by what Roy and Tex talk about on the disc. If you listen to it, you will see what the CMA was originally trying to do for the industry.
Listen & enjoy!

Click here to download A Visit With Tex Ritter & Roy Acuff

Sunday, August 14, 2011

J.E. Mainer on the Rural Rhythm label, Vols. 17 & 18

Track list for Vol. 17---
1. Two Happy Hearts (sounds like 1950-60`s county)
2. Old Man Below (no idea of the origin of this song)
3. Rebuilding Bridges (another 1950-60`s-ish sounding tune)
4. Hoop It Up Liza (one of the many Liza Jane tunes)
5. Uncle Eph (from the catalog of Grandpa Jones)
6. Down At The Cider Mill (an old Skillet Licker tune)
7. Roll On Buddy (an old Tennessee tune, often performed by Sam & Kirk McGee on the Grand Ole Opry, also often performed by Bashful Brother Oswald)
8. I`ll Hate Myself Tomorrow (another 1950`s sounding number)
9. High Ball Gal Of Mine (usually titled That High Born Gal Of Mine, an old coon song often performed by Sam & Kirk McGee, also an Uncle Dave Macon & Bashful Brother Oswald tune)
10. Kansas City (a fairly common 1940-50`s blues number)
11. Tabby Let Your Hair Hang Down (likely taken from Bascom Lamar Lunsford as his tune Tempe Let Your Hair Hang Down)
12. Bring Me A Leaf From The Sea (possibly from the Carolina Tar Heels 78)
13. Cain`t Get You Off My Mind (yet another 1950`s sounding country tune)
14.Nobody`s Business (a common old time number)
15. Tax On A Hole In The Ground (J.E. announces he wrote this number)
16. Sold Down The River (still another 1950`s sounding tune)
17. Shout Lula (a very common old time banjo tune, possibly best known now as a tune Ralph Stanley plays clawhammer style)
18. If You Should See Your Sister (an old tear jerker from the early 1900`s)

Click here to download Vol.17

Track List For Vol. 18---
1. Keep On The Sunny Side (the old Carter Family song)
2. Where We`ll Never Grow Old (the old gospel standard)
3. Heavenly Airplane (no idea where this tune comes from, likely a 1930`s tune)
4. These Bones Gonna Rise (I think this is an old black spiritual tune)
5. Those Lonely Tombs (a tune originally recorded in the 1930`s by the Mainer`s)
6. Give Me That Old Time Religion (the old gospel standard we all used to learn as a child)
7. Where You Gonna Hide (I believe this is an old southern gospel number)
8. Job`s Coffin (no idea where this one comes from, sounds like it could have black spiritual roots)
9. An Unfriendly World (no idea where this one comes from)
10. Keep Inching Along (another one that sounds sort of like a black spiritual tune)
11. Coal Miner`s Grave (not really a gospel number, but an old coal miner lament type tune)
12. River Jordan (an old tune, I believe the Carter Family tune)
13. He`s Coming To Us Dead (the old Grayson & Whitter tune, again, not a gospel number)
14. Gambling On The Sabbath Day (I believe this may come from the old George Reneau 78)
15. Tell It On The Mountain (this possibly has black spiritual roots)
16. Wasn`t That A Mighty Storm (this also sounds like it may have black spiritual roots)
17. Log Cabin In The Lane (not a gospel tune, likely from the old Fiddlin` John Carson 78, the first country 78 issued with vocal on it)
18. The Gospel Way (possibly a southern gospel tune)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer Vol.18

Monday, July 18, 2011

A note on the Leslie Keith post

I have deleted the download ling on the Leslie Kieth post. The owner of the rights to the LP contacted me to take it down as the LP is actually still available from them. The company is Sierra Records and you can look at there site here---

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

J.E. Mainer Vol. 16

As you all know, I had been posting these Rural Rhythm LP`s of J.E. Mainer two at a time. I do not have Volume 16. I`d appreciate it if some of you all have this if you`d send a file of the LP and a picture of the cover. If someone sends it, I`ll post it---Allen

Click here to download J.E. Mainer - Vol. 16

J.E. Mainer - Vol.15 with Morris Herbert

Here is Volume 15 in this series.

Track list---
1. Just A Standby (no idea where this tune comes from, sounds like 1950`s county)
2. Eatin` Goober Peas (an old time number supposedly from Civil War times)
3. Silver Threads Among The Gold (an old pop tear-jerker from the erly days of the recording industry)
4. Baby Keeps Stealing (sounds like 1950`s country)
5. You`re As Welcome As The Flowers In May (an old pop tune, the first country artist to record it was Hugh Cross)
6. Bonaparte`s Retreat (the old-time fiddle tune)
7. Bird In A Guilded Cage (another ancient old pop tune)
8. I Shall Not Be Moved (the old spiritual tune)
9. Wise Guy (another country tune, possibly from the 1950`s)
10. Tell It On The Mountain (another old spiritual type song)
11. 8th Of January (the old-time fiddle number)
12. What Does The Deep Sea Say (an old-time song)
13. Lost Indian (a great old-time fiddle number)
14. Sunny Home In Tennessee (an old Charlie Pool number he got from an old pop record)
15. Bar Fly (sounds like a 1940`s-50`s novelty type song)
16. Greenback When I`m Hard Up (another old time number)
17. Georgia Railroad (an old Georgia number originally recorded by Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett, the tune is the same as Peter Went `A Fishin`)
18. Turkish Lady (no idea where this comes from, the music sounds old-time-ish, I like the tune. Possibly English in origin?)
19. Old Rattler (this is of course the old Grandpa Jones tune)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer Volume 15 with Morris Herbert

Blue Grass Special 45 with Jimmie Skinner & Rusty York

Here is a 45 I bought on ebay because it had Jimmie Skinner on it. For some reason I didn`t notice it wasn`t all Jimmie Skinner songs (I really like Jimmie Skinner). So... anyhow.... here`s still a good `un!

Click here to download Blue Grass Special

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lake Howard - Radio And Record Star

Here is an artist that I don`t know anything about except what I can read on the cover and hear on the record. He is very Carter style influenced on guitar. I Can`t say much about this LP except that it`s a good `un!

Click here to Download Lake Howard - Radio And Record Star

Roy Acuff on a Howard home recording disc

Here is quite an odd-ball find. It is a 7 inch home recording disc. You could get about two minutes on one side of these blanks.Before people had tape recorders and more modern ways to record stuff, you had to have a home disc cutter. Some were stand alone units that you could plug a radio or a microphone into, and some were a combination radio-disc cutter. The material here is recorded from radio broadcasts.
I`m guessing this is from the mid 1940`s, but that`s a total guess. The sound quality is pretty bad, I cleaned it up the best I could without compromising the audio.
The first cut is a mystery, the 2nd cut is from a live Grand Ole Opry performance by Roy Acuff with The Solemn Old Judge, George D. Hay announcing the number, the last cut is by Fats Waller. Quite a variety for sure.
Happy listening!

Track list---
1. no idea who the first cut is or the tune, it`s a pop number
2. Roy Acuff - Wabash Cannon Ball from a live Grand Ole Opry show
3. Fats Waller - I Understand

Click here to download Howard Home Recording Disc

Sunday, May 15, 2011

J.E. Mainer - Volume 13 & 14

Here we are with the next two volumes in the J.E. Mainer series. Volume 13 is the first volume issued after J.E.`s death----

Track list----
1. Hush Money (sounds like a 1940`s hillbilly tune)
2. Diggin` Taters (this is actually the old time Liberty like the Skillet Lickers recorded, appears to be a Georgia tune)
3. You`ll Come To Me (don`t know this one)
4. Flop Eared Mule (the common old fiddle tune)
5. The Right Side (never heard this anywhere else)
6. After The Ball (the familiar old song, possibly with English roots)
7. Raggedy Ann (a common alternate title for Ragtime Annie)
8. Trusting You (sounds like a 1950`s-ish country tune)
9. Fatal Derby Day (an old English ballad popularized by Bradley Kincaid, also performed some by Grandpa Jones)
10. Bucking Mule (this don`t really sound like any mule fiddle tune I know except for the fiddle doing the mule bray)
11. Would You Care (an old tune Roy Acuff recorded, could be J.E.`s source)
12. Southern Melody (sounds like a tune made up by J.E.)
13. An Unfriendly World (don`t know this number, sounds almost Carter Family-ish)
14. Lie To Me Baby (sounds like a sort of 1940`s tune, I can imagine hearing this on a juke box in an old country beer joint somewhere way back in the woods)
15. Dance Around Little Lou (actually the tune is Skip To My Lou)
16. A Sinner`s Song (don`t know this song)
17. Keep Inching Along (sounds like this could have originally been a spiritual type religious song)
18. Nobody (a pop song hit from the early part of the 1900`s sung by Bert Williams)
19. Willie Green (never heard this one anywhere else, may have been inspired by some old blues song)
20. Chicken Reel (the common old fiddle tune)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer - Volume 13

Track list-----
1. I Don`t Mean To Cry When You`re Gone (unfamiliar song to me)
2. Peggy`s Special (this is an old Jenks "Tex" Carman tune he called Hillbilly Hula)
3. Gonna Raise A Rukus Tonight (common old song, I believe originally was a minstrel tune)
4. Sheeps In The Meadow (tune sounds similar to the Skillet Lickers tune Ride Old Buck To Water)
5. Blind Fool Crazy Fool (the common old song called Cabbage Head, or also Three Nights Drunk)
6. The Farmer Is The Man (an old Fiddlin` John Carson song)
7. Rattle Snake Daddy (an old Bill Carlisle he recorded in the 1930`s)
8. Kitty Wells (an old song that may have English origins, recorded originally by Bradley Kincaid and also Vernon Dalhart among others)
9. Old Joe Clark (the common old tune)
10. I`m Going Home (the tune is a common old tune for several different old songs, this set of words is unfamiliar to me though)
11. New Kingdom Coming (an old tune dating back to Civil War times, recorded in the 1920`s by Sam & Kirk McGee as Old Master`s Run Away. Often played as an instrumental)
12. Concord Rag (J.E.`s signature tune)
13. Long Journey Home (common old-time & bluegrass song, also called Black Smoke sometimes)
14. Georgia Black Bottom (the Cofer Brothers record from the 1920`s may have been the source for this tune)
15. Cripple Creek (one of the most common old numbers)
16. Bully Of The Town (a well known Uncle Dave Macon tune, originally a minstrel show and vaudeville number)
17. Why Did I Get Married (an unfamiliar song to me, done to the music from the Prisoner`s Song)
18. Johnson Boys (the common old number)
19. Snake In The Grass (an unfamiliar tune to me, may have spiritual type song roots)
20. You`re The Same Old You (not sure about this one, I believe I may have heard it as You`re The Same Old Used To Be)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer - Volume 14

Here is the text on the back of both of these LP`s----

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My 78`s #6

Stroup Quartet - Columbia 15299-D
The Man Behind The Plow / Dreaming - recorded April 20, 1928
A neat record that I thought would be gospel, but it isn`t. These are just two songs that sort of show off quartet singing. This is the only record this group made. They were likely from the Atlanta, Georgia area as this was recorded in Atlanta. Atlanta was a sort of a music center in the south that Columbia had at least two sessions a year. Columbia recorded MANY old-time country and blues artists in Atlanta.

Bennett Brothers/Brown & Edwards - Lyric 4146
The Memphis Blues/Dolores - likely recorded in the mid teens
A neat record with the famously popular tune Memphis Blues backed with an accordion duet on Dolores

Price Family Sacred Singers - OKeh 40796
I Went Down Into The Garden/Ship Of Glory - recorded March 27, 1927
Another group likely from the Atlanta area, as that is where it was recorded.

W.F. Narmour & S.W. Smith - OKeh 45242
Captain George, Has Your Money Come?/The Sunny Waltz - recorded February 15, 1928
Here is some of the oddest fiddle music ever recorded in my opinion. They are great, but do some things that today is mighty uncommon. Extra notes or beats in a line of music, or dropped beats in a measure etc. I really can`t believe that no company has ever issued their complete recordings.

Billy Golden/??? - Standard Disc Record A295 (I believe this would have been made from Columbia masters)
Turkey In The Straw/Why Don`t You Write When You Don`t Need Money - likely recorded between 1905 &1910-ish
CAUTION---this is an old "coon song" record. if you are offended by such material, please do not listen to this disc.
On the first side we have the delightful Billy Golden rendering his wonderfully ridiculous Turkey In The Straw. I know I`ve posted Billy Golden Turkey In The Straws before, but he recorded it for many different companies and each version has some variations in them.
I have no idea who the artist is on the other tune. I will never understand why they issued records with no artist credit, unless it was to dodge royalties, which were not a common practice at the time anyhow. Most artist in this era were payed a per side payment instead of royalties on disc sales.

John McGhee (as Jesse Oakley) - Supertone 9674
When The Harvest Days Are Over Jessie Dear/You`re Welcome As The Flowers In May - recorded February 3, 1930
Two old love songs. John McGhee recorded many, many sides. Most were either gospel type tunes or old songs of the type on this disc.

Billy Golden & Joe Hughes/Steve Porter - Victor 16141
Shipmates/Flanagan On A Farm - likely recorded around the late teens
CAUTION---side one is an old "coon comedy" and the other side is an Irish type comedy.
Billy Golden was mentioned above. Steve Porter was a comedian that usually performed as an Irishman. Such stereotypical comedy is taboo now but was very common from the mid 1800`s up into the 1920`s.

Rev. J.M. Gates - Victor 20365
Just As Soon as My Feet Strike Zion, Lord I Won`t Be Troubled No More/Adam And Eve In The Garden - likely recorded around 1927
A great preaching record by Rev. Gates. He recorded MANY discs and must have been popular.

Hilo Hawaiian Orchestra - Victor 21465
My Hula Love/Kawaihau Waltz - likely recorded about 1928
A couple of good Hawaiian numbers. Hawaiian songs were extremely popular from about 1900 on into the 1940`s.

Biltmore Kalaluhi Hawaiian Orchestra - Columbia A-2200
Medley Of Hawaiian Melodies/Kaui Kahio Medley - likely recorded around 1924
Seems every Hawaiian artist or band recorded a side called Medley Of Hawaiian Melodies. Good music.

Emry Arthur - Decca 5085
I`m Always Thinking Of You/Look Out For The Window - recorded January 17, 1935
This is a pretty rare record. Emry Arthur is likely most well known now for being the first person to record I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, which became famous in the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou.

The Jenkins Family - OKeh 40214
The Church In The Wildwood/If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again - recorded August 28, 1924
Blind Andrew Jenkins was the leader of this family group. He was a blind preacher that lived in Atlanta. He wrote many gospel and topical songs in the 1920`s.

Billy Golden - OKeh 4249
Turkey In The Straw/Rabbit Hash - likely recorded in the teens.
These particular sides may not have actually been recorded by OKeh. They may have leased these sides from another company.
CAUTION---these are both "coon type" sides, performed in black dialect (but not necessarily in a racist way). Billy Golden was very well known for the performance of these two sides. They range from ridiculous to downright outrageous. There is certainly no way to describe Rabbit Hash. You just have to listen.

Van Eps-Banta Dance Orchestra - Pathe 20087
Pretty Baby/Teasing The Cat - likely recorded 1915-1920-ish
Two classic style banjo numbers. Fun stuff to listen to.

Click here to download My 78`s #6

Wayne Raney LP - The Big 18 (or...We Need A Lot More Of Jesus)

Here is a good Wayne Raney LP that had been re-issued on the Old Homestead label. I don`t know why they changed the name of the LP. Oh well---listen and enjoy.

Click here to download Wayne Raney - The Big 18 aka We Need A Lot More Of Jesus

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jackie Phelps - Both Sides Of Jackie Phelps

Here is a 7 inch LP of Jackie Phelps on the Edna label. I believe this was recorded soon before he passed away and was issued after his death. If you like it be sure to check out the other Jackie Phelps post in my blog.
Hope you like it!

Click here to download Jackie Phelps - Both Sides Of Jackie Phelps

J.E. Mainer - Vol. 11 & 12

Here is the next two volumes in this J.E. Mainer series on the Rural Rhythm label---

Track list for Volume 11---

1. Wasn`t That A Mighty Storm (this is a unique tune to me, never heard it before)
2. Fishing Bait (likely from the Dixon Brothers 78)
3. Coney Isle (likely from Cowboy Copas` tune Alabam, which is a version of the old Frank Hutchison 78 titled Coney Isle)
4. Play Mates (an old pop tune that had been recorded by Riley Puckett, which could be the source of this version)
5. Dig A Hole (maybe from Bill Monroe`s Darling Cora)
6. The Swapping Song (possibly from Buell Kazee)
7. Take Your Blues And Go (I`ve never heard this anywhere els)
8. Put Your Arms Around Me (I know I`ve heard this before, but don`t know where from)
9. Where The Red Roses Grow (I`ve also heard this, but don`t remember where)
10. Fix Your Wagon (never heard this one before)
11. J.E.`s Hoedown (just an old fiddle tune J.E. may or may not have made up himself)
12. Down By The Railroad Track (could be from the Bradley Kincaid 78)
13. The Golden Willow Tree (possibly an old English ballad)
14. Punching Dough (never heard this one anywhere else)
15. Weary Miner Blues (don`t know this one, sounds a little Jimmie Rodgers-ish in style)
16. Pride Of The Prarie (another unknown to me)
17. He`s Coming To Us Dead (the old Grayson & Whitter tune)
18. Fox Chase (common old harmonica show-off tune)
19. Back To The Mountains (yet another one I`ve heard but can`t place where, uses the same music as Roy Acuff`s Gathering Flowers From The Hillside)
20. Wrong Key Hole (never heard this one anywhere else)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer - Vol. 11

Track list for Volume 12---

1. Two Little Girls In Blue (an old Bradley Kincaid tune)
2. Sally Ann (the common old fiddle number, related to Sail Away Ladies)
3. Go Right Back (don`t know this one)
4. Job`s Coffin (a very unique tune I`ve never heard anywhere else)
5. Bring It On Down To My House (the old Bob Wills number)
6. All Quiet Along The Potomac (never heard this one before)
7. Little Old Sod Shanty (tune from the depression years related, or inspired by, The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane)
8. Old Fashioned Picture (an unknown tune to me)
9. Sister Kate (neat tune, unknown to me)
10. The Blue Juanita (a unique number unknown to me)
11. The Fatal Wedding (an old English ballad made popular by Bradley Kincaid, Grandpa Jones also used to sing it)
12. County Fair (Another one unknown to me, sort of has a show tune sound to it)
13. Traveling Man (a version of the old Dock Walsh number, also know as a Doc Watson tune)
14. Where You Gonna Hide (a gospel number unknown to me)
15. Just That Kind (another one I`ve heard but can`t place)
16. Six King`s Daughters (I believe this is an old English ballad)
17. A Baby For Sale (I think this is an old Bradley Kincaid number)
18. Bitter Creek Breakdown (just a bluegrass banjo number)
19. Keep Knocking (never heard this one anywhere before)
20. Old Napoleon (recorded by Riley Puckett as Wal I Swan, also recorded by the Skillet Lickers at a faster tempo as Giddap Napoleon)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer - Vol. 12

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service LP

Here is sort of a unique item. I don`t really know anything about this type disc, except they were issued to be played over radio stations operated by the various branches of the service or at service recreation halls for entertaining the troops.
Hope you all enjoy it!

Scan of the paper sleeve it was issued in. I believe these were meant to be played only by the services a few times and then thrown away.

Click here to download Armed Forces Radio & Television LP

Bradley Kincaid 45 on the Royale label

Here is a neat one. I don`t care to collect 45`s myself, but I do like this red one. Also, they are a couple of good recordings of these titles for Bradley.
If you like Bradley Kincaid, be sure to search my blog, there is several other Kincaid records on here.

Click here to download Bradley Kincaid - Royale 45

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Juniorette Special - In The Best Circles They Are Dancing Square

Here`s is something of an oddity. This is a 7 inch 78 made of paper, coated with, most likely, clear acetate. There is no artists names or song titles mentioned on the disc. This likely was issued in a paper sleeve that had that information on it. Of course, I don`t have the sleeve. The material is of what I`d say a late 1940`s version of an old time string band. Hope you like it!

Tracks list---
1. Little Brown Jug
2. Golden Slippers

Click here to download Juniorette Special - In The Best Circles They Are Dancing Square

Wayne Raney - Songs Of The Hills

Here is a pretty good LP. It has about the biggest hits Wayne had on the King label. I`m not going to go into any history on Wayne, as I have posted another Wayne Raney LP before and Wrote about all I knew about him then. Just search my blog for Wayne Raney to find the other post. Hope you all enjoy this one!

Click here to download Wayne Raney - Songs Of The Hills