Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jackie Phelps - Both Sides Of Jackie Phelps

Here is a 7 inch LP of Jackie Phelps on the Edna label. I believe this was recorded soon before he passed away and was issued after his death. If you like it be sure to check out the other Jackie Phelps post in my blog.
Hope you like it!

Click here to download Jackie Phelps - Both Sides Of Jackie Phelps

J.E. Mainer - Vol. 11 & 12

Here is the next two volumes in this J.E. Mainer series on the Rural Rhythm label---

Track list for Volume 11---

1. Wasn`t That A Mighty Storm (this is a unique tune to me, never heard it before)
2. Fishing Bait (likely from the Dixon Brothers 78)
3. Coney Isle (likely from Cowboy Copas` tune Alabam, which is a version of the old Frank Hutchison 78 titled Coney Isle)
4. Play Mates (an old pop tune that had been recorded by Riley Puckett, which could be the source of this version)
5. Dig A Hole (maybe from Bill Monroe`s Darling Cora)
6. The Swapping Song (possibly from Buell Kazee)
7. Take Your Blues And Go (I`ve never heard this anywhere els)
8. Put Your Arms Around Me (I know I`ve heard this before, but don`t know where from)
9. Where The Red Roses Grow (I`ve also heard this, but don`t remember where)
10. Fix Your Wagon (never heard this one before)
11. J.E.`s Hoedown (just an old fiddle tune J.E. may or may not have made up himself)
12. Down By The Railroad Track (could be from the Bradley Kincaid 78)
13. The Golden Willow Tree (possibly an old English ballad)
14. Punching Dough (never heard this one anywhere else)
15. Weary Miner Blues (don`t know this one, sounds a little Jimmie Rodgers-ish in style)
16. Pride Of The Prarie (another unknown to me)
17. He`s Coming To Us Dead (the old Grayson & Whitter tune)
18. Fox Chase (common old harmonica show-off tune)
19. Back To The Mountains (yet another one I`ve heard but can`t place where, uses the same music as Roy Acuff`s Gathering Flowers From The Hillside)
20. Wrong Key Hole (never heard this one anywhere else)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer - Vol. 11

Track list for Volume 12---

1. Two Little Girls In Blue (an old Bradley Kincaid tune)
2. Sally Ann (the common old fiddle number, related to Sail Away Ladies)
3. Go Right Back (don`t know this one)
4. Job`s Coffin (a very unique tune I`ve never heard anywhere else)
5. Bring It On Down To My House (the old Bob Wills number)
6. All Quiet Along The Potomac (never heard this one before)
7. Little Old Sod Shanty (tune from the depression years related, or inspired by, The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane)
8. Old Fashioned Picture (an unknown tune to me)
9. Sister Kate (neat tune, unknown to me)
10. The Blue Juanita (a unique number unknown to me)
11. The Fatal Wedding (an old English ballad made popular by Bradley Kincaid, Grandpa Jones also used to sing it)
12. County Fair (Another one unknown to me, sort of has a show tune sound to it)
13. Traveling Man (a version of the old Dock Walsh number, also know as a Doc Watson tune)
14. Where You Gonna Hide (a gospel number unknown to me)
15. Just That Kind (another one I`ve heard but can`t place)
16. Six King`s Daughters (I believe this is an old English ballad)
17. A Baby For Sale (I think this is an old Bradley Kincaid number)
18. Bitter Creek Breakdown (just a bluegrass banjo number)
19. Keep Knocking (never heard this one anywhere before)
20. Old Napoleon (recorded by Riley Puckett as Wal I Swan, also recorded by the Skillet Lickers at a faster tempo as Giddap Napoleon)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer - Vol. 12

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service LP

Here is sort of a unique item. I don`t really know anything about this type disc, except they were issued to be played over radio stations operated by the various branches of the service or at service recreation halls for entertaining the troops.
Hope you all enjoy it!

Scan of the paper sleeve it was issued in. I believe these were meant to be played only by the services a few times and then thrown away.

Click here to download Armed Forces Radio & Television LP

Bradley Kincaid 45 on the Royale label

Here is a neat one. I don`t care to collect 45`s myself, but I do like this red one. Also, they are a couple of good recordings of these titles for Bradley.
If you like Bradley Kincaid, be sure to search my blog, there is several other Kincaid records on here.

Click here to download Bradley Kincaid - Royale 45

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Juniorette Special - In The Best Circles They Are Dancing Square

Here`s is something of an oddity. This is a 7 inch 78 made of paper, coated with, most likely, clear acetate. There is no artists names or song titles mentioned on the disc. This likely was issued in a paper sleeve that had that information on it. Of course, I don`t have the sleeve. The material is of what I`d say a late 1940`s version of an old time string band. Hope you like it!

Tracks list---
1. Little Brown Jug
2. Golden Slippers

Click here to download Juniorette Special - In The Best Circles They Are Dancing Square

Wayne Raney - Songs Of The Hills

Here is a pretty good LP. It has about the biggest hits Wayne had on the King label. I`m not going to go into any history on Wayne, as I have posted another Wayne Raney LP before and Wrote about all I knew about him then. Just search my blog for Wayne Raney to find the other post. Hope you all enjoy this one!

Click here to download Wayne Raney - Songs Of The Hills