Sunday, December 29, 2013

At The Fair With The Duke Of Paducah

 Here is one of those Starday complimation records. What this amounts to is the Duke Of Paducah with new material in the role of an old circus side show type barker with music tracks of Starday artists dubbed in. Some cuts work good with the banter, some not so well. At any rate, it`s still not a bad record. Happy listening!

Click here to download At The Fair With The Duke Of Paducah


  1. Hi my friend.

    It's strange, where is the link for

    At The Fair With The Duke Of

    in Jumpshare?

  2. Just click the link under the pics of the LP cover. I just tested it and it works.

    1. Did it, but only the download window with the zip-file appears. when I click on DOWNLOAD, there I can read 0 % --> detect file information from..... and nothing more happens

    2. I have no idea why you can`t get the file. I`ve downloaded it twice this morning now to just check out why you are having trouble. I click the link above and it goes to the jumpshare page, then I click download and a window with the file opens to save it to my computer, I click open and it starts downloading and takes about 5 minutes to get it for my internet speed.I have no idea why it`s not working for you. Looks like it`s been downloaded about 80 times so far. Maybe it`s something with your computer, I haven`t the foggiest idea. Good luck with it!

    3. Thanks for your help. But it doesn't work here. Even in another download manager the link cannot be found.

      Maybe someday I can find this album in the internet.

  3. Thanks for the Duke Of Paducah link. He was a star in his day but is now totally forgotten. It's great to have an example of his comedy in my collection.

    Also I had no problem in downloading it. Downloaded in less than two minutes.

    Ted P

  4. For all JUMPSHARE links I get the message:
    Bandwidth Exceeded
    This link has been temporarily disabled because the sender is out of bandwidth.
    To learn more, please visit our Help Center.

    Even at the older links I downloaded earlier