Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Atco Quartet - Clarion 5146-C

The Atco Quartet / Clarion 5146-C
The Rich Young Ruler / Don`t Be Knocking
recorded November 7, 1927 in Atlanta, Georgia

The only thing I know about this group is that this is the only recording they made and that the names of the singers were Will Hartsey, Grady Looney, Bill Cagle and Dee Abernathy and the piano picker was Velma Abernathy (information taken from Country Music Records). This was recorded by Columbia and also released on Columbia 15312-D and Velvet Tone 7102-V. I don`t know why Columbia released the same material on about a half dozen different labels as well as Columbia. I am curious about the name Atco. It could have been a company or sponsor name of the group, or it may be an abbreviation for something, the letters co may be short for company or county.

I`m not familiar with either song, but the Don`t Be Knocking side is a gem. Happy listening!

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Curly Ray Cline - Chicken Reel

Here`s a good fiddle record by the great Curly Ray Cline. It`s a good `un and kind of rare.

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Riley Puckett - Columbia 15719-D

Riley Puckett / Columbia 15719-D
Twenty-One Years / All Bound Down In Prison
recorded October 29, 1931 in Atlanta, Georgia

Here is the last record Columbia released of Riley Puckett as a soloist. By the time this recording session was held the depression had pretty much destroyed the record industry. Most country records release at this time only sold a few hundred copies. Both songs are fairly well known prison songs, especially Twenty-One Years, as it was recorded by many country artists.

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The Royal Hawaiian Serenaders - An Album Of Hawaiian Music

It`s been super cold here for the last few days, so I thought I`d post a Hawaiian 78 album to warm us up. Enjoy!

Track list---
1. Heaven Is In Blue Hawaii
2. Tropic Trade Winds
3. Na Pua O Hawaii
4. What The Brown Skin Maiden Taught
5. Mi Nei
6. Sweet Leilani

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The Bill Ring Show - #61&62

Here`s the next installment of the Bill Ring Show. Happy listening!

Show 61---
1. That`s How Much I Love You - Bill Ring
2. Steel Strike - Doc Martin
3. I Want To Be Momma`d - Slim Wilson & The Tall Timber Trio
4. Sing Me Something Sentimental - Bill Ring
5. Grieving My Heart Out For You - Speedy Haworth
6. Are You Walking And Talking For The Lord - Bill Ring

Show 62---
1. Mama Come Get Your Baby Boy - Bill Ring
2. Bryant`s Bounce - Speedy Haworth
3. That`s What I Get For Loving You - Sally Briggs
4. Sugar Moon - Bill Ring
5. Too Much Sugar For A Dime - Doc Martin
6. Where`d You Get So Much Of - Bill Ring

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