Thursday, May 10, 2012

Appology to Nancy Turner Brown

I had posted an old LP by Grant Turner called Grant Turner Remembers The Opry As It Was Then. Nancy Turner Brown contacted me through the blog Monday demanding that the LP be taken down because she owns the copyright. So---

Mrs. Brown, I`m very sorry to have offended you. I look and try to figure out if the records I post are still available new and didn`t find it, as it`s been out 30 to 35 years. Just to make sure you know, I make NO money from these posts. You mentioned about buying it in many catalogs and on ebay (as I did). I`m sure none of them are new sales that you could get a royalty from, as all them would be used.
So, once again I`m sorry for upsetting you.

Apparently, Mrs. Brown got the post deleted without giving me the chance of a day or two to do it. So, there is a chance that Blogger may delete my blog due to her complaint of the one post. Sorry if it happens to the many followers that enjoy it. We`ll see what happens here in the future----Allen