Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hilo Hattie Decca 78 album

Most of you that follow my blog likely know when we have bad winter weather here where I live that I post some Hawaiian music to help me stay warm. Here`s a great little set with some fun tunes on it. I think the cover art is great too. Stay warm!

Click here to download Hilo Hattie Decca 78 album

The Bill Ring Show - #15&16

Here`s the next Bill Ring Show disc in the series.

Click here to download The Bill Ring Show - #15&16

Two more Hery Whitter 78`s on the OKeh label

Here is a couple new discs I have recently acquired to add to the Henry Whitter posts from the past.

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40395
My Darling`s Black Mustache / The Clouds Gwine To Roll Away
recorded April 23/24, 1925 in New York City
My Darling`s Black Mustache is sort of a comic love song. The Clouds Gwine To Roll Away is sort of in the spiritual vein with a comic twist.

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40403
Love Me While I Am Living / Good-Bey, Old Booze
recorded at same session as OKeh 40395
Love Me While I Am Living is sort of a morbid love song. Good-Bye, Old Booze is an old comic song. This particular performance is Henry`s worst side I think. It`s in too high a key for his voice and his voice breaks. It`s worth hearing to hear how awful it is!

Click here to download Henry Whitter on OKeh 40395/40403

Homer And Jethro - Musical Madness

How about a little hillbilly humor today? Here is what I believe to be Homer and Jethro`s first LP. The label is Audio Lab, which I believe was a label name used by King, and I`m thinking all the tracks are from King issued 78`s. This is an old one, one of my great uncles gave it to me about 30 years ago and it`s a little noisy. This is one of the original group of records that started the "archive"! Enjoy and laugh!

Click here to download Homer And Jethro - Musical Madness

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Bill Ring Show - #13&14

Well--- I messed up and accidently posted shows #11&12 twice. So here we are with the real next 2 shows. Enjoy!

Track list #13---
1. Mexican Joe - Bill Ring
2. I`ve Wanted You For A Lifetime - Doc Martin
3. Headin` For The Home Corral - Slim Wilson And The Tall Timber Trio
4. Take Me In Your Arms - Bill Ring
5. Candy Kisses - Speedy Haworth
6. Safe In The Arms Of Jesus - Bill Ring

Track list #14---
1. That`s My Trademark - Bill Ring
2. Room Full Of Roses - Speedy Haworth
3. Somebody Stole My Honey - Sally Briggs
4. A Petal From A Faded Rose - Bill Ring
5. steel solo - Doc Martin
6. Have I Waited Too Long - Bill Ring

Click here to download The Bill Ring Show - #13&14

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Grandpa Jones Story

Here`s an LP I had intended to post a long time ago and forgot about. Any Grandpa Jones fan has gotta download this one!

And here is the song list on the rear cover of the set.

Click here to download The Grandpa Jones Story

Jam-Up and Honey on the Dot label

Jam-Up and Honey / Dot 1089
Wild Honey Rag / Slew Foot Mama
recorded early 1950`s

Jam-Up and Honey / Dot 1114
Twelfth Street Rag / Holding The Sack
recorded early 1950`s

Here`s a couple real neat discs and as far as I know the only records they made for Dot. Jam-Up and Honey were a black-face type act that were quite famous and popular on the Grand Ole Opry in the 1940`s and into the 1950`s. They also had their own traveling tent show at one time. They were sort of a country version of Amos and Andy. I believe by about 1950 (or possibly earlier) they had quit using black-face make-up. They also had a daily radio show for some time in the 1940`s on WSM radio.
 I can`t imagine how they got a recording session in the 1950`s as their comedy and music were quite out of style to sell records at the time. And believe me, I`m not saying the music isn`t good, because it is. The two vocal numbers are novelty type songs which were quite popular in the early 1950`s (such as Bill Carlisle music). The two instrumentals are a couple hot number with a ukulele lead. Contained in the download is also a 45 of Dot 1114 pictured here. Enjoy!!

Click here to download Jam-Up and Honey on the Dot label

Eddy Nicholson - Folks Ain`t a-Livin` No More

Here`s a really neat LP. In crazy times like we have right now some slowing down with this LP is nice. It`s a story telling LP with some songs on it too and is a very pleasant listen. Enjoy!

Click here to download Eddy Nicholson - Folks Ain`t a-Livin` No More