Sunday, December 29, 2013

Clark Kessinger - Old-Time Music With Fiddle & Guitar

 Here`s some mighty fine old-time fiddlin`!  Clark Kessinger first recorded in the late 1920`s up into the mid 1930`s. I`d say he was arguably the best all around old-time fiddler recorded before World War 2. I know that`s saying a lot, but if you go back and listen to most 1920-1930`s old time fiddlers, I`d say you would likely agree that he was about the smoothest, most technically advanced fiddler of the era. And luckily for us, he was re-discovered in the 1960`s and got to record again. So give him a listen and enjoy!

Click here to download Clark Kessinger - Old-Time Music With Fiddle & Guitar


  1. Oh yes! - I have this LP, and it's rather wonderful.

  2. It`s probably about the best of the "re-discovered" early recording artists. He was GREAT!