Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lorne Greene - Portrait Of The West

Here`s something that might seem a little out of the scope of my blog, but I like this. Lorne Greene is of course most famous for playing the dad on the old TV western, Bonanza. So what other actor might be more qualified to make a western record? As anyone knows that has ever saw him in a movie or on TV, he had a very deep, smooth voice. His voice makes for a pretty commanding performance of some of the tracks on this LP. Give it a download and enjoy it!

Click here to download Lorne Greene - Portrait Of The West


  1. You know it's going to be a good country album when it's called 'Portrait of the West'. I think that sums up the definition of country right then and there. A lot of the time, old country gets discounted when it's actually really good.

    Jim Tracy |

  2. Thanks a bunch. haven't heard this in a very long while...since I was knee high to my folks.