Sunday, April 20, 2014

Asher Sizemore & Little Jimmie - Songs Of The Soil

Here`s some pretty uncommon material. What we have here is a father and son duet from 1930`s radio transcriptions. They became pretty popular from performing on WSM`s Grand Ole Opry, and due to the novelty factor of their act, the fact that Jimmie was a little boy.
What we have here musically, as far as the dad`s solos, is pretty standard cowboy material from the 1920`s & 1930`s. Much of it was made popular in the early western movies. Most of the material that Little Jimmie sings is either western cowboy type stuff, but also some children`s songs. I think the most remarkable thing about them is the duet singing. Little Jimmie is an excellent duet singer, singing pretty much perfect high harmony with his dad.
Now, I don`t know if it`s just me, but I think that Little Jimmie`s voice has sort of a "creepy" factor to it. I can`t explain it, but his voice just sort of sounds creepy to me.
Another thing that sort of comes across to me as I listen is I`d say Little Jimmie was probably pretty spoiled, just some of the smart-aleck type answers to some of the things his dad says makes me think this. I bet he had plenty opportunity to get spoiled, though. I bet every female in every audience they played for doted on the little feller. Anyhow... give it a download and enjoy!

Click here to download Asher Sizemore & Little Jimmie - Songs Of The Soil

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  1. I have a songbook featuring these two if anyone wants to buy it.