Monday, September 20, 2010

The New Lost City Bang Boys - Earth Is Earth 7 inch "LP"

Here is a rare one, at least it took me about five years to find it. The New Lost City Bang Boys is of course The New Lost City Ramblers.
Now I`m gonna explain why the Ramblers are using an alias. This little LP has four songs that they considered to be a bit naughty (which all but one would not even put a stray thought in your head by today`s standards). Only one of them seems naughty today, When Lulu`s Gone, because the lyrics are pretty much straight out suggestive. Well, it just happens that the tune When Lulu`s Gone was recorded by Roy Acuff (The King Of Country Music which used gospel songs for a pretty large part of his song library) in 1936. The song seemed naughty enough to Roy that he didn`t want the record issued with his name on it. So-----someone came up with The Bang Boys instead of using Roy Acuff & His Crazy Tennesseeans (the name Smoky Mountain Boys wasn`t used until they got on the Grand Ole Opry). That is neat, little known Roy Acuff trivia fact. I guess The New Lost City Ramblers thought it would be funny to sort of spoof The King Of Country Music, Roy Acuff (and they were right in thinking so I think, it`s just funny to me).
So----enjoy the tunes!!

Click here to download The New Lost City Bang Boys - Earth Is Earth


  1. You did it again! What a great find. The scans are excellent too. It's hilarious. Thanks for passing it on.

    I've heard of this record years ago, but never heard it or saw it before. It practically seems twisted to use a documentary photograph on the cover of this silly record, as they they did on so many of their previous historically-based albums.

  2. Dish here IS a great LP. Thank ya......

  3. Great record - thanks. Heard Tom Paley just the other day in a folk club in London, singing backwoods country and playing Swedish fiddle tunes.