Friday, September 17, 2010

78`s - #4

Melton & Waggoner - Columbia 15423-D
In The Hills Of Old Kentucky (My Mountain Rose)/Underneath The Cotton Moon - recorded October 30, 1928
This is the only record this duet made. Melton possibly recorded some with other people.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Swagerty - OKeh 45291
There`ll Be No Sorrow There/I Gave My Life For Thee - recorded August 13, 1928
These artists recorded several sides, this is the last record they had issued. On the There`ll Be No Sorrow There side, my disc has some stripped grooves at the beginning, all that is missed is a guitar chord for the singers to get started on key, so I just edited the bad grooves out. I`m not a particular fan of this style of gospel singing for sure, way too formal sounding.

Oscar Seagle - Columbia 61-M
I`se Gwine Back To Dixie/A Banjo Song - recording date unknown to me
I know nothing about this record. I got it because I thought it might have classic style banjo, but there is no banjo at all on it.

Fiddler Joe & His Boys - OKeh 45042
Turkey In The Straw/Arkansaw Traveler - recorded March or April 1926
When I listened to this I thought they sounded like a studio musician group. Come to find out I was right. Fiddler Joe was a New York based studio musician names Joseph Samuels. He made a few other "Old-Time" records also.

Red Mountain Trio - Columbia 15369-D
Sailing Down The Chesapeake Bay/Dixie - recorded October 1, 1928
Great Hawaiian guitar, country style here. This is a group headed by Jimmy Yates, which also recorded under the name Jimmy Yates` Boll Weevils, The Northlanders, and The Four Buzz Saws (what a crazy name!).

Victor Military Band - Victor 17340
The Horse Trot-One Step/Down Home Rag-Turkey Trot
Great ragtime band sides!

Louise & Ferreira/Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra - Edison 50369
Medley Of Hawaiian Airs-No.2/On The Beach Medley - recording date unknown to me, likely mid to late teens
Good Hawaiian gutars here in the earliest Hawaiian style, unfortunately the recordings are very "low-fi". Likely this was disc dubbed from cylinder recordings. I tried to boost up the music the best I could.

Oliver & Allen - Bluebird B-7175
Darling, The Sunshine Grows Brighter/Let`s Be Sweethearts Again - recorded August 5, 1937
Nice duet singing. This is from the only session they recorded. Let`s Be Sweethearts Again is a great old love (or lost love) song and one of my favorites.

The Pickard Family/Kanawah Singers - Supertone S2068
Get Me Out Of This Birmingham Jail/Mountains Ain`t No Place For Bad Men - recorded October 29, 1929/July 18, 1929
I still don`t understand why they issued discs with a different artist on each side. Neither group has a hardcore old-time sound, but I still like the Pickard Family. The Kanawah singers sound very much like a Vernon Dalhart group record.

Riverside Ramblers - Bluebird B-6926
Wondering/Dissatisfied - recorded February 22, 1937
This group is actually The Hackberry Ramblers, whose recordings were in French (Cajun French). They used this name when recording in English.

Sousa`s Band - Victor 1182
Creole Bells - recording date unknown by me, could be anywhere between 1905 to 1915 I`d say
Everybody knows what to expect to hear when they hear the word Sousa. Think fourth of July brass band music. Great single sided disc!

Evan Douglas & Nate Smith (Kirk McGee & Blythe Poteet) - Champion 15651
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again/If I Could Only Blot Out The Past - recorded November 27, 1928
I have posted this before I believe, but this is a different copy and I think the sound is a little better. Seems record labels or the 20`s would issue records on their secondary labels (Champion was a Gennett label) under different artist names to avoid paying royalties. Wonder why country folks were always suspicious of big city companies???!!!

Billy Golden & Billy Heins/Billy Golden & Empire Vaudeville Co. - Edison 50605
Good And Bad/Turkey In The Straw - recording date unknown to me, likely 1915-1920-ish
WARNING - this disc is an old "darkey" comic recording and does use a racist word a little. PLEASE - if you are offended by this type recording, DO NOT listen to it.
Actually, this is a VERY mild "darkey" record. If you listen and replace the racist word with your best friends name, it is a pretty funny record.

Orchestra (unknown artists) - Little Wonder Records No.153
Medley No.4 - recorded I believe in the late teens or very early 20`s
Neat little record measuring 5 1/2 inches across. For a disc so small that was recorded before microphones were used, it has suprisingly good sound. Smaller discs like this often have poor sound. This is also a single sided disc. Nice record!

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