Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fiddlin` Arthur Smith - Rare Old Time Fiddle Tunes

Here is a great one! This is certainly my favorite recordings of Fiddlin` Arthur Smith. He was great in the 50`s on the Folkways records with Sam & Kirk McGee, but for some reason this disc really appeals to me. I especially like the song Louise, which I`m assuming Smith made up. It`s sort of a novelty number without going overboard into trick fiddling.. Also, Arthur`s son Earnest is playing back-up guitar and for some reason his style of back-up really sounds good with Arthur. This is just a good all-around fiddle album.
Hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download Fiddlin` Arthur Smith - Rare Old Time Fiddle Tunes


  1. great fiddler, great record. thx.

  2. This is a classic set of tunes. Real honest old timey fiddling.

  3. Thanks again,
    every day I discover another great music I did not know : )

  4. Fiddler Arthur LeRoy Smith 4 Influence’s
    1. Homer Neal Smith [1899-1976]
    2. Grady Jones Stringer [1897-1978]
    3. Walter Elmo Warden The Fiddler Teacher [1871-1937]
    4. Floyd Braxton Etheridge [1908-1981]