Wednesday, January 28, 2015

American Country Dances - 78 album

Here`s something a little different. What I have here is a 78 record set of songs recorded to dance to. We even have a caller on the sides. The music isn`t the typical style of old-time music I usually post. I`d call this music sort of New England style old-time dance music. The fiddler and piano picker are a Mr. & Mrs. Siller and the caller is Tiny Clark. I have no idea who they were.
Sort on an interesting fact about this, the Asch label was owned by Moe Asch, which I believe was involved with getting Folkways records started. Download this and give it a dance and shake a foot!

Click here to download American Country Dances


  1. any chance of posting some more Bill Ring? Many thanks!! Great blog!!! Randy

    1. Keep watching the blog. More Bill Ring in the future!