Wednesday, January 28, 2015

American Country Dances - 78 album

Here`s something a little different. What I have here is a 78 record set of songs recorded to dance to. We even have a caller on the sides. The music isn`t the typical style of old-time music I usually post. I`d call this music sort of New England style old-time dance music. The fiddler and piano picker are a Mr. & Mrs. Siller and the caller is Tiny Clark. I have no idea who they were.
Sort on an interesting fact about this, the Asch label was owned by Moe Asch, which I believe was involved with getting Folkways records started. Download this and give it a dance and shake a foot!

Click here to download American Country Dances


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  2. any chance of posting some more Bill Ring? Many thanks!! Great blog!!! Randy

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