Sunday, March 3, 2013

Roy Acuff Hickory material not on LP

Here is the last post of the Roy Acuff Hickory/Electra series. These are sides released on 45`s that was never issued on the LP`s. I think this will make all the Hickory material that was commercially released posted for download. If anyone finds a song missing, let me know and I`ll see if I can find it. Also, there could be a tune repeated that was on LP. I`ve tried to get everything, but I get confused pretty easily trying to go through all this stuff and keeping it straight!

I have just posted a few 45 label pictures to show the some of the different label styles they used.

Track list---
1. Till No Longer You Cared (For Me)
2. Time Will Make You Pay
3. Willie Roy, The Crippled Boy
4. Pan American
5. Six More Days
6. Don`t Tell Mama
7. The Midnight Train
8. The Nearest Thing To Heaven (Is You)
9. Don`t Be Angry
10. Each Season Changes You
11. Carry Me Back To The Mountains

Click here to download Roy Acuff Hickory material not on LP


  1. Thanks Allen for all the wonderful Acuff stuff. He was an amazing talent in the country arena. Greatly appreciated.
    Regards TT

  2. Hi Allen,
    Really appreciated the Hickory titles - I have most of LPs but haven't got round to ripping them.
    I know exactly what you mean by getting confused as quite a few tunes were repeated over several LPs.
    I reckon that eight of yours were on LPs but you only need three more...
    Mountain Guitar 1134
    Golden Treasure 1394
    Somebody Touched Me 1627 - I haven't heard this one but from the matrix number it was recorded in 1970 whereas the album versions were released in 1964
    The good news is that two of the three are flips of titles you've already included so you may already have them
    Keep up the good work

  3. I do have all 3 of the above mentioned tunes. Give just a few days and I`ll get them posted.

  4. Thanks Allen.
    It would be a great help if you could include a scan of 1664 - A Satisfied Mind - too. It's the only one of Roy's single matrices that I'm missing.
    Thanks for the Robert Lunn - the UK London disc is sitting in my racks and this download will be just the job for the i-Pod.

  5. Thanks for this material Allen. When I cataloged it, I know "The Midnight Train" was issued on Hickory LPS-125 but am I correct in assuming it was NOT issued on a Hickory 45?

    1. I have no idea. I don`t know if there is an accurate discography on line of the material to look at. I was just trying to find song titles when I was trying to put this stuff together. Good luck hunting!