Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Robert Lunn - The Original Talking Bluews Man

 Here`s a Roy Acuff related item I had forgotten about. Here is Robert Lunn with The Smoky Mountain Boys. The LP title is The Original Talking Blues Man, which is sort or inaccurate. The original talking blues man (on records at least) would be Chris Bouchillion, who recorded for Columbia in the 1920`s. Now don`t get me wrong, this is still a great novelty type record. And we have a great cover to look at too. This a a pretty rare LP, so you best download it while you can! Enjoy!

 Click here to download Robert Lunn - The Original Talking Blues Man


  1. Thanks so much for the Robert Lunn and for all you do. I'd love to pick some banjo with you one day. All the best,


  2. That is a great picture of Acuff's jug band. One of my favorite groups. Thanks so much for the great pictures and info on great bands of the past. Floyd

  3. I think I downloaded this at one point, but the link has since expired.

    If this doesn't come back up, I'm curious if you have any from Chris Bouchillion(sp)

    1. Link is fixed now.
      I think I have all most all the Bouchillion 78`s but have never transferred them. One of these days.....