Saturday, December 9, 2017

Aulton Ray - Champion 15277

Aulton Ray / Champion 15277
True And Trembling Brakeman / Just As The Sun Went Down
recorded April 26, 1927 in Richmond, Indiana

This disc is a brain teaser, as the B side is a different song than the label lists. The label lists The Dixie Cowboy by Alton Ray, but is actually Just As The Sun Went Down by Marion Underwood and Sam Harris. The two tunes were recorded at the same session, so the record pressers made a mistake, or something.Just As The Sun Went Down is an old Civil War song. True And Trembling Brakeman was recorded several times in the late 1920`s by acts such as The Carter Family, Bradley Kincaid, Cliff Carlisle and others.
My copy of this disc is close to mint condition, but unfortunately the B side had two different damaged grooves, thus giving us a couple of big pops on the side. Enjoy!

Click here to download Aulton Ray - Champion 15277


  1. Good to see you back & posting some fascinating old 78's. Don't leave it another year !!

  2. Great to see you back in action. Hope you can find some time to post more Bill Ring. Would be fantastic to hear the remaining sides. Thanks so much.

  3. Welcome back, Allen -- Merry (ninth day of) Christmas, and happy new year!