Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Pickard Family in the 1950`s - 78 on Coast 253, 45 on Coral 61602

Here`s a post of a group that was pretty popular on WSM`s Grand Ole Opry and WLS`s Barn Dance in the 1920`s. They also recorded many records in the 1920`s. Sometime in the late 1930`s of in the 1940`s they went west to California and I think they had a radio show. Then they did have a very early TV show, likely about the first country music show on any TV station. They were active up into the late 1950`s at least. They recorded an LP which I posted here a few years back. Apparantly they made a few other sporadic recordings in the early to mid 1950`s , as evidenced by my post here today.

I have no information about the session for this 78, I`d just guess very early 1950`s. It`s in fine condition and sounds great! Songs are Cindy and How Many Biscuits Can You Eat. This is about my favorite version of How Many Biscuits Can You Eat as Obed "Dad" Pickard gets pretty spirited with his singing when its his turn to sing.

Click here to download The Pickard Family - Coast 253

I don`t know anything about this session either, I`d just guess mid 1950`s. I`d say this is the only 45 issued by The Pickard Family. Tunes are Keep On The Sunny Side and Tell Me Who. Tell Me Who turns out to be a pretty interesting version of the song Who`s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot, sometimes called Green Valley Waltz.

Click here to download The Pickard Family - Coral 61602


  1. Here's the recording data for Verve Records MGV-2082, 'The Pickard Family Sings Hits of Yesteryear'("Dad" Pickard passed away on 9-24-54; Mrs. Pickard was still alive at the time of this recording. I'm not sure if she participated in the singing, as she was 72 when the record was produced. Since their individual names are not listed in the data, I'm going to guess and say that Ann, Ruth, Charlie and Bubb were present at these sessions.
    The Pickard Family (vocal group) Barney Kessel Orchestra, Tom Reeves (arranger)
    Los Angeles, CA, September 16, 1957
    21453-12 Little Liza Jane
    21454-11 Down In Arkansas
    21455-5 Red Wing
    21456-5 Rockin' Alone
    21457-4 Big Rock Candy Mountain
    same personnel
    Los Angeles, CA, September 17, 1957
    21464-5 That Old Gang Of Mine
    21465-7 Billy Boy
    21467-14 When You And I Were Young, Maggie
    21468-4 When You Wore A Tulip And I Wore A Big Red Rose
    Sweet Adeline
    By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
    same personnel
    Los Angeles, CA, September 18, 1957
    21473-3 Silver Threads Among The Gold
    21474-5 Maple On The Hill
    21475-3 In The Garden

    from Frank Apperson