Sunday, November 29, 2015

Roy Smeck - Hi-Fi Paradise

We have sure had some nasty weather the last few days, so I thought I`d post a Hawaiian themed LP to cheer us up. And who better to cheer us up than the great Roy Smeck?! Just the pictures on the cover perks me up just a little bit.  Happy listening!

Click here to download Roy Smeck - Hi-Fi Paradise


  1. Thanks. Interesting line-up of instruments. I look forward to listening to it.

  2. Very nice to see the Smeck represented. Wish more could appreciate his talent. Many thanks and much Aloha!

    1. He was great, nearly forgotten now it seems, sadly.

    2. Very few artists' work on ABC-Paramount and their Am-Par distributed labels has survived. The company regularly purged their storage of master tapes, and then most of whatever was left was thrown out after the label was sold. Unless there were master tapes leased to labels in other countries, the only hope of hearing them is by people digitizing the albums and posting them. Thanks again.