Sunday, May 24, 2015

Carl Conner - Columbia 15076-D

Carl Conner / Columbia 15076-D
Jones And Bloodworth Case / Story Of Gerald Chapman
recorded April 23, 1926 in Atlanta, Georgia
Here`s another artist that recorded only one disc. I have no information about Mr. Conner. Both of the songs are topical type songs about murders. I haven`t done an internet search about the cases, I doubt it`d be too difficult to read about these cases.

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  1. Thank you for Grandpa Jones Allen

  2. Carl Cotner was the orchestra leader for Gene Autry for many years both on radio and recordings. Bot sure if he was associated with Autry at the time of this recording.

    1. This artist is Carl CONNER, not Cotner. Either way, I`d be hugely suprised if it`s the same person.