Monday, March 17, 2014

L.K. Reeder - OKeh 45026

Here is another 78 which is the only record the artist made. I can find no information about L.K.          Reeder. All I can tell you is about what I hear on the disc. First off, this is an acoustic                           (pre-microphone) recording and is fairly noisy throughout. Also, they may have been having trouble   with the motor on their disc cutter, as it sounds as if the speed of the record varies some.                      
I don`t think I`ve ever heard the song on the A side, sounds like an old pop love song to me. The B      side is an old tune likely from the 1880`s that was adopted by old-time musicians through the years.    It`s a song of an Indian maiden, sort of in the vein of Redwing, Silver Bell, Snow Deer etc.                
I cant` say that L.K. Reeder had a beautiful voice or was much of a back-up guitar picker. We don`t even know who was playing the harmonica, and they are no harmonica wizard as they play the tune without any bent notes, etc. But give it a download, as it`s part of our country music history!

L.K. Reeder / OKeh 45026
Will You Love Me When I`m Old / Falling Leaf
Recorded October 26, 1925

Click here to download L.K. Reeder - OKeh 45026

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