Monday, December 31, 2012

Roy Acuff - Great Train Songs/Wabash Cannonball

 Here is another Acuff LP I wasn`t planning to post because ALL the songs are also issued on other LP`s I have already posted or will be posting. Then I decided to post it just because it was issued with two different covers and titles. I`m pretty sure the first issue is the title Great Trains songs. Train songs was another of Acuff`s specialties. Happy downloading!


Click here to download Roy Acuff - Great Trains Songs/Wabash Cannonball


  1. Thanks very much, my kind and generous friend. All good wishes for the new year.


  2. I've heard almost all the songs before but it's still great to listen to the old time train tracks again.

    Your Acuff updates have given me a fresh appreciation of a singer I'd forgotten about.

    Many thanks

    Ted P