Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lonzo and Oscar - America`s Funniest Country Comedians

 Here is a good Starday Lonzo and Oscar LP. I just have one thing to say about this LP. The song I Lost An Angel was written by Oscar about his wife, which was killed in a car wreck I believe. It`s sort of odd to hear this song on an LP of such silliness that is the stock of Lonzo & Oscar. Enjoy!

Click here to download Lonzo & Oscar - America`s Greatest Country Comedians


  1. Thank you. They were also good pickers, but rarely ever showed off those skills.

    1. They also had great harmony. Seems like the old comedy acts never got credit if they were great pickers or singers, the comedy over-shadowed their musical abilities.

    2. Kenneth "Jethro" Burns made up for it later, recording some of the greatest mandolin music ever on such albums as "Tea for One".