Sunday, January 26, 2014

Henry Whitter 78`s on the Victor and Montgomery Ward labels

 Here is the last of the Henry Whitter 78`s that I have. He recorded six sides for Victor, of which I have four. All of the sides for Victor were harmonica solos.After the beginning of the depression, Montgomery Ward got into the cut rate record business. Most of the discs they issued seem to be from Victor, though they did get material from other labels. Montgomery Ward didn`t actually record records. So, if you see a Montgomery Ward disc, you know it`s material that was released earlier on other labels, although I believe there may be a few sides issued on Montgomery Ward discs that were un-issued by the original label. Happy downloading!

Henry Whitter / Victor 20878
Henry Whitter`s Fox Chase / Rain Crow Bill
recorded August 2, 1927
Here we have two great harp solos that he had recorded earlier for OKeh

Henry Whitter / Montgomery Ward M-4475
Both sides of this disc are the same tracks as the disc above, Victor 20878

Henry Whitter / Montgomery Ward M-4909
Fox Chase-No. 2 / Poor Lost Boy
recorded October 1, 1929 / October 16, 1928
These two numbers are from two different Victor discs, V-40292 & V-40061

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