Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jack Penewell 78

 I`m not going to go into anything biographical about this man, as there is information easily found on the internet. What caught my attention about this disc is the fact it says "Twin Six Guitar", so I bought it. I looked on the internet wanting to know what in the world a twin six guitar was. It was a double neck, acoustic guitar. I believe about the first double neck guitar, which is not uncommon now, in the form of a standard or a steel guitar.
I had the Broadway disc first, then found the Paramount copy of it just a week or so later. I have loaded both discs in the download file, though they are the same takes, thinking maybe one had better sound quality than the other, but I can`t really tell much difference. The Broadway label was a budget label for Paramount. Enjoy!

Jack Penewell / Paramount 33178/Broadway 8018
Hello Aloha / Last Night I Was Dreaming Of You
recorded in 1926?
These are both Hawaiian steel numbers

Click here to download Jack Penewell - Paramount 33178 / Broadway 8018


  1. awesome! thanks for posting these. I have one of his on the autograph label. it's funny, I just posted a Paramount/Broadway split too. great minds think alike. cheers~Stymee

    1. Odd that we done this at the same time, huh? Great minds DO think alike I guess.

  2. Wonderful record...thanks for sharing. Any lover of country guitar or blues guitar should REALLY enjoy this...

    1. How could anyone not like Hello Aloha?! The other side I can take or leave, but it`s the song I`m indifferent to, not the playing. If anyone can`t enjoy at least one side from this disc, they don`t need to be looking at this blog! Lol