Sunday, February 2, 2014

Andy Iona - Aloha Hawaii 78 album

 I have just transferred several 78 albums I have filed away in the archive. Someone may ask "What is a 78 album?" A 78 album is called that because the book the discs were issued in sort of resembles an old time photo album in appearance and also construction. This is also where the use of the term album comes from for an LP, due to the fact an LP has more than two tracks on it like a 78 disc did.
Anyhow---after saying that, here is the great Andy Iona with some fine Hawaiian music to cheer us up in this gloomy, cold weather we have been having here in the middle U.S.A. here lately. Also, I just wanted to say, I love the art work on the covers of some of these albums. This one is sort of Art-Deco style. It would make a neat poster! Happy downloading!

  Track list---
1. In An Old Hawaiian Village
2. Beautiful Kahana
3. Isle Serenade
4. Sweet Gardenia Lei
5. Hoi Mai
6. Lovely Hawaiian Madonna
7. How`d Ya Do
8. Whispering Lullaby

Click here to download Andy Iona - Aloha Hawaii


  1. These old record jackets' art work would also make nice mouse-pads...
    Thanx for all the great rare music!

  2. Thanks for this! The old Hawaiian music is really wonderful, especially on snowy, icy days.

  3. Thanks for this rare Hawaiian download! Andy Iona is great.

  4. We have snow, so to Andy I go. There is no sound to compare with a vintage "78" - the longest running music medium ever invented. Thanks so much.


  5. Brings back old memories.
    Thank you so much.
    Greetings, Cyril