Sunday, February 16, 2014

Two Country Style U.S.A. transcription discs

I ran across two Country Style U.S.A. 16 inch transcription discs I`d been wanting to post, so here they are. They are both in kind of rough condition, so bear with the noise and enjoy the music!

Track list---
Program No. 1 - Grandpa Jones
1. Herd Of Turtles
2. Eight More Miles To Louisville
3. I`ll Fly Away
4. San Antonio Rose - Jerry Byrd& Red Taylor

Program No.2 - Ernest Tubb
1. Kansas City Blues
2. Letters Have No Arms
3. It`s A Lonely World
4. Trouble Among The Yearlings - Tommy Jackson

Program No.3 - Hank Snow
1. I`m Movin` On
2. Yellow Roses
3. The Last Mile Of The Way

Program No.4 - Bill Carlisle
1. Little Liza Jane
2. Rusty Old Halo
3. Is Zat You Myrtle?
4. Black Mountain Rag - Gordon Terry

Click here to download Country Style U.S.A.-Programs 1,2,3,4


  1. Grandpa Jones's Herd Of Turtles is one of my favorites. Thanks I have not heard it in a while.
    Those Bill Ring Shows are great. It's like listening to the radio when I was a kid. Thanks again for the great Posts

  2. Might Be Merle Travis on Geetar

    Best Johnny

  3. Great selection of Country Classics!