Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Bill Ring Show - No.9&10

It`s been a long while since I posted a Bill Ring Show transcription, so here you go!

Track list---
1. Beautiful Brown Eyes - Bill Ring
2. I`m Dreaming My Heart Out For You - Speedy Haworth
3. Knothole - Slim Wilson
4. Your Cheatin` Heart - Bill Ring
5. As Long As I Live - Doc Martin
6. Take Thou My Hand - Bill Ring
7. I`m Dreaming My Heart Out For You - Speedy Haworth
8. The Old Square Dance Is Back Again - Bill Ring
9. Blues In My Heart - Doc Martin
10. Twice As Much - Sally Briggs
11. I May Be Lonesome - Bill Ring
12. Goodbye My Lover Goodbye - Speedy Haworth
13. The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree - Bill Ring
14. Blues In My Heart - Doc Martin

Click here to download The Bill Ring Show #9&10


  1. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you. Always a great treat to get another Bill Ring. Love these shows

  2. Second the comment above

  3. Love the transcriptions...I imagine myself coming in for lunch after hours and hours working outside and putting on the radio in the kitchen and hearing these....aaaahhhh...that was the Golden Age of country entertainment...

    1. This show was originally aired here around the Springfield, MO area at 6am I believe. A guy I work with said when he was a kid they`d hurry with milking and morning chores so they could get in the house in time for the Bill Ring Show.