Sunday, February 2, 2014

Greatest Comedy Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry

 Oddly enough, I`ve had probably a half a dozen people ask if I have this obscure LP in the last three years or so. The copy I have of this is pretty trashed and I couldn`t even play side 1. All the tracks, except the last four by Unkle Willie Potts, are taken from other LP`s issued by Starday, except for the Homer & Jethro track which was on King/Audio Lab. I scrounged and dug deep into the archives and happen to find all the tracks. So, this is a put together posting of this LP, with only the Unkle Willie Potts sides actually coming from this particular disc. I have no idea who Unkle Willie Potts was or is, and his is the only name that didn`t make it on the cover. These tracks are taken from a live performance, actually sounds like they could have been from a TV show similar to Flatt & Scruggs show. Anyhow, here it is for all you fans of the archive that have asked for this.

Click here to download Greatest Comedy Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry


  1. My brother and I love it when they were on the Opry on Friday and Saturday nights. We heard them sing sixteen tons one night and for the next few months we would sing it everywhere we went driving our Mom and Dad crazy. We liked their version better than Homer and Jethro's.

    1. Yeah, kids do get sort of obsessed with this kind of stuff sometimes! At least kids used to like this sort of stuff.

  2. Thanks for posting this! Uncle Willie Potts real name was David Reese. When he was doing comedy he dressed up as Uncle Willie. He was big into Gospel music and I think at one time he was in Mel Tillis' Statesiders. He hasn't been dead too long, maybe 10 years or so.


    Here is a link.