Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lew Childre transcription

How about just one more transcription today? I got a few Lew Childre transcription discs a year ago and finally got around to transferring them. Some of these have been re-issued before. These are so great I think. Lew Childre is about the most natural artist for transcription shows I think I ever heard. He makes it fell almost like he`s right in your living room instead of hearing a disc. Lew Childre also had a unique guitar style, heard here very well. He played old Hawaiian steel, which in hes case was a Martin acoustic guitar played lap style. He pretty much only accompanied himself on the guitar with practically no instrumental solos on the guitar, just a few short, one string phrases here and there. Download and enjoy!

Track list---

Program No.1
1. intro/Riding On The Elevated Railroad
2. I`m Heading For The Blue Horizon/Big Eyed Rabbit
3. Don`t Say Aloha When I Go/outro

Program no.2
1. intro/Melindy`s Golden Wedding Day
2. Maple On The Hill/When The Fog Forms On The Rio Grande
3. When Lew Sings His Yodel-Ay-Dee-Hoo/outro

Click here to download Lew Childre transcription - Programs 1&2


  1. I came across some clips of Lew's transcriptions several years ago, but not the complete shows. I'm going to enjoy this!
    The downloaded file seems to be missing its extension, and it is not playing as an mp3. What do I need to do?

    1. I don`t know why it hasn`t worked for you. For a test I just downloaded it and opened it just fine. If you click the download link above it should open a new page with a download button to click on. Click on it and a window on your computer should open asking if you want to save the file. Click save (I always save to my desktop so it`s easily found) and it should download. It will be a zip file and you will have to "un-zip" it on your computer. When I checked the file, they were mp3 tracks for me. If what I just told you to do don`t work for you, I have no idea whats up with it.

    2. Thanks for the followup. It downloaded fine, but I didn't realize it was a zip file.

  2. could you Please Upload your rips in better quality,
    since these are so great and very rare Music
    Best Johnny

    1. I`m not sure what you mean, general sound quality or bit rate. If you mean general sound quality, It`s the best possible with the condition of the disc and what I can do with my equipment. If you mean bit rate, higher doesn`t help when you are working with 50 to 110 year old discs. It`s all mono with surface noise. I can download my own files from the blog and play then and can`t hear a bit of difference in that than I can by playing the actual records live here at home.