Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How I pick 78`s to post

When I pick 78`s to post I have no "system" of picking them. I just get a pile of them out and go through and pick a dozen more or less to copy to cd. Maybe one of these days I`ll make a 78`s posting with a theme of some sort or something like that. I think it`s likely easier to listen to a variety download anyhow.


  1. could you contact me please, i am interested in some fiddle music from the 1920 or earlier. uncle dave macon band. my great granddaddy henry l bandy played with him for a while and i want to locate some of his music.

  2. I like your blog - very informative. Hope you'll post more 78 rpm label scans soon. Thanks. Marie http://catchthattrainandtestify.blogspot.com/

  3. 78's to lossless maybe?

    much needed, for education and culture preservation


    tnx so much for your effort and time!