Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Bottle Of Wine And A Ginger Cake - Traditional Music From Southeast Tennessee

This is a good LP of field type recordings from Tennessee. I don`t know anything about any of these people other than the information in the booklet that came with the album, so I`m including scans of the booklet. My copy of this has some water damage, as you can see in the pictures, but the disc still sounds ok. Enjoy!!

Track list---
Chattanooga - Blaine Smith
Jeff Davis - Blaine Smith
Cincinnati - Blaine Smith
A Bottle Of Wine And A Ginger Cake - Blaine Smith
Corn In The Crib - Blaine Smith
Choctaw Bill - Blaine Smith
Run, Boy, Run - Florrie Stewart
Ike Ward - Eldia Barbee
Rubber-Tired Buggy - Eldia Barbee
Black Oak Ridge - Eldia Barbee
Devil Chased Me Around The Stump - Eldia Barbee
Pick And Shovel - Clay Turner
The Old Account - Clay Turner
Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Clay Turner
Sugar Gal - Peanut Cantrell
Sail Away Ladies - Peanut Cantrell

Click here to download A Bottle Of Wine And A Ginger Cake


  1. Love the obscure stuff, I do indeed :) thanks for this, and the notes especially.


  2. Aloha! I just have to write you a note to let you know how much I and my friends here in the Holler in Mars Hill appreciate/savor/study and enjoy your site! I also play and sing and write in these genres, and as a writer on the WFMU blog site, I discovered your page through there. Well, after downloading MANY lps from your collection recently, I had to tell you how much I appreciate your work here. This record in particular is a real treasure- I SO love small/micro pressing regional albums, as they are so often a great source of real old-time phrasing and styles. This page is a huge help to what I call my 'song mining' / dredging the past for inspiration and instruction. Love, Drew

  3. Thanks!! Glad you like it. I wish more downloaders would talk about the downloads at least a little. Thanks to all followers who do leave comments about the records.

  4. While I don't mind the downloading, I still own the rights to the Pine Breeze Recordings, and most of the old-timers are deceased (their families aren't) and would be glad that folks are enjoying their music and the field recordings we made over 30 years ago, I would like to make a suggestion. Make a contribution to MusiCares since you aren't having to pay for the songs or the royalties. Site: They have helped one of our musician sons when he had a brain injury. You can see more on Blaine, Eldia and all at:
    Ron Williams - Pine Breeze / ASP Records

  5. Thanks for posting - I really like these old records!

  6. This is so cool! I am Blaine Smiths granddaughter:) Love that his music is not being forgotten:)