Monday, March 15, 2010

Bradley Kincaid 10 inch LP - American Ballads And Folk Songs

Here is a good Bradley Kincaid record. It is an old 10 inch LP on the Varsity label, I`m guessing from about 1950. The sound quality on these old 10 inch LP`s is just barely better than the 78`s being pressed at that time. This one sounds pretty good for a 10 inch LP.
I think my favorite song on this is Red Light Ahead, which sort of reminds me of the old song Detour. Hope you all like this one.

Click here to download Bradley Kincaid - American Ballads And Folk Songs


  1. I baught my first guitar from Mr. Kincaid. He ran a music store and had a verry nice manner. He was also my grandfather's favorite radio presonality.

  2. These recordings by Bradley Kincaid were cut in Nashville around 1945 for the Majestic label (Wright Corp. of Meriden, Conn.) issued as 78 rpm singles, and all re-issued on Varsity LP 34 circa 1952. "Legend of the robin red breast" issued on Design DLP 189, and 625 (titled "Cowboy") and "Blue tail fly" also issued on Design DLP 189.

  3. Nice comments on this one! I love it when people leave informative stuff on my blogs that enhance them.
    Hey, by the way--I see that you're in Missouri--gosh, I wish I'd discovered you while I was living there the last couple of years, ha, now I've moved to North Carolina---I never met many locals in west/central MO who were into this sort of stuff, but I KNEW that they must be out there lurking!

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  5. Is there any chance of getting the link fixed? Please oh please?

  6. I just found a copy of this at our Habitat store, here in Asheville, NC, a few weeks ago. Interestingly, though, mine has a red cover, instead of yellow, plus a different record #; 6988, in this case. I'm guessing mine might be a later reissue, though still on the Varsity label.

    1. Small indepentant labels used to do some odd things.