Sunday, March 28, 2010

Archie Campbell LP with Phil Campbell & Fred E. Smith

Today I was feeling like a little comedy, so I thought I`d post this Archie Campbell LP. It`s a pretty funny one from a live show in Tupelo, Mississippi recorded May 29th, 1976.
Aloso on this LP is Archie`s son Phil and a man named Fred E. Smith that was a well known comedian from the east Tennessee - North Carolina area. Mr. Smith might even still be active, I`m not sure.
Hope you all enjoy this one.

SORRY, THIS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD - This has been removed due to a copyright violation.


  1. Love me some Archie Campbell, thanks so much!


  2. Folks! do not buy anything owned by greedy 'owners'!

  3. Fred E. Smith was one funny dude. If you ever get the chance to hear some of his stuff, don't pass up the opportunity.

  4. Legendary southern comedian Fred E. Smith passed away. Fred was born in Marshall, North Carolina, in 1924 to Ballard and Pearl Smith. He lived a full and exciting life as a comedian and musician, working with such greats as Woody Guthrie, Burl Ives, Archie Campbell, Red Rector, Boots Randolph, Grandpa Jones, Kenny Baker, Jimmy Martin, and many other top entertainers. He had impeccable timing when it came to his comedy, and he was one of the best. He worked the last few years of his career in Pigeon Forge at the Comedy Barn Theater. He released a comedy CD in 2005 titled Tales From A‘way Down Yonder. He was in rather good health until the last month of his life. Even within days of his death he was still telling jokes to his friends and family in the Fred E. Smith style.