Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ed Hyde - Square Dance Album

Here`s a pretty good fiddle album. Ed Hyde was the fiddler for the Crook Brothers on the Grand Ole Opry I believe for most of the sixties and into the mid seventies when he passed away. I really don`t know any more about him other than what is on this LP cover.
His style is sort or bluegrass with definate old-time fiddle roots, like many of the early bluegrass fiddlers that came out of the thirties. The back up pickers are bluegrass style players. Too bad he didn`t make this record with the Crook Brothers backing him up, that would have been great (and better in my opinion).
Give this LP a listen and hear an old Opry legend, albeit possibly an unknown one.

The songs on side two are not in the same order as listed on the cover, so here is a correct track list---
Ten Minutes Of Continuous Playing
Five Minuets Of Continuous Playing
Ed`s Hornpipe
Soldier`s Joy
Golden Star
Jud`s Hornpipe
Bill Cheatham
Flop Eared Mule

Click here to download Ed Hyde - Square Dance Album


  1. Excellent! Thanks for this; I never pass up a fiddle album :)

  2. I can appreciate the simplicity and directness of this album title. :)

  3. Yeah Dylan---they didn`t get too excited over thinking of a title or designing the LP cover either. lol

  4. Ed Hyde was my Uncle and a very talented musician. My father (Ed's brother) told me about this site, he was excited to see his brothers album listed.

    There was another album my Uncle was a part of. It's the Bluegrass Hillbillies Pickin' 'N' Grinnin' featuring Curtis McPeake.

  5. Hi Teresa-do you have any of your uncle`s music?? I`d love to hear it. Email me if you would about anything you might have----Allen

  6. dang, no mention of who the guitar player is.
    sounds like gene mead a little.
    this three piece reminds me of clark kessinger.

  7. I own the fiddle that Ed played with the crook brothers. It is in great condition with new strings. Any comments call me at 423-837-6650. My name is Dan