Sunday, January 31, 2010


For some reason now I can`t upload anything, period. I can`t upload music to the file service to post on the archive blog, I can`t even attatch a song to an email now. Anyone have any ideas what might be wrong with my computer, or something??!! HELP! I have a great LP just waiting to be posted!!


  1. The problem is probably with Mediafire; I can't even connect with it.

  2. Hi Allen,

    I also had troubles uploading to Mediafire
    the last days but today morning I was successfull
    to make an upload to Mediafire
    for Oldtimehomerec board (Ted Prillaman LP).
    I'm curious to your announced GREAT LP.

    Best regards,

    oldtimemusic collector from Germany
    You can find my e-mail adress in my profile
    at Kilby's terific board.
    If you have any special requests, perhaps I can
    hely you.

  3. I have not visited for a long time and this time I really paid more attention and WOW! Great Site! I did not realize you could actually download music via your efforts. I will post about your blog tomorrow! Long overdue! I am impressed. And thankful. Your doing something real nice here.