Thursday, January 21, 2010

Uncle John Patterson - Plains, Georgia Rock LP

Ok you old-time banjo fanatics----here`s another one for you. This is a great LP. Uncle John Patterson had a unique banjo style and I can`t even think of anyone else I`ve heard to compare him to. Also, he can beat the poop out of that old-time piano. Too bad he didn`t do a piano LP also, this country style piano is a pretty rare sound.
There isn`t anything about Uncle John I can say that isn`t in the cover notes I`ve included here. Hope you all like this one.

Rear cover notes---

Rear cover photo---

Track listing---

Click here to download Uncle John Patterson - Plains, Georgia Rock


  1. Uncle John Patterson is the man! Many many thanks for this one.

  2. Thanks for this. I've been wishing I could hear more of Uncle John since I heard "Muddy Roads of Georgia" on the Art of Field Recording compilation. So Psyched this is out there, too!
    Tom in Ithaca

  3. Nice ,
    Good job pal...
    I'v been several years looking for this record.
    Thanks to you....

  4. Thanks for the kind words! Glad to see people still find my blog and go through the "back inventory".

  5. I just realized I am Uncle John Patterson's great niece. My grandmother told me about the music talent of the Patterson family. I put off doing the research. I am now doing said research and can't thank you enough for this amazing info (the interview is spectacular). I am now going to try to collect all the Patterson music I can get my hands on. Thank you so much!